Things You Should Not Post On Facebook

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 9:15 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.Cheesy pic

Please do not post those images that you know makes you cringe just because you think that others may find them funny. Instead, people are more likely to feel sorry for you and wish to offer you guidance to stop making the same mistake again.

Cheesy pic-Things You Should Not Post On Facebook

2.Mirror pics

What is it about these mirror pictures that have become more popular in recent years. The self-shot pose is now one of the most common, but it just looks strange. If you are going to do it, then make sure that behind you is clear of mess as people will pay more attention to that than they do to you.

Mirror pics-Things You Should Not Post On Facebook

3.A crime

Yes doing this does reserve you the right to appear on the dumbest criminals show because some people have been guilty of posting about a crime they have committed on their Facebook page. This has to be one of the silliest things to do as you are just admitting to everything and cannot then turn and say it was not you.

A crime-Things You Should Not Post On Facebook

4.Fake products

OK we know you love your fashion, but stop trying to pass off what are obvious fakes for the real thing as it just does not work that way at all. Instead, keep it quiet that those shoes are not real, or the Rolex watch was made in Taiwan and maybe you can manage to pass them off as the real thing.

Fake products-Things You Should Not Post On Facebook

5.Fake photos

Some people are so insecure about things that they will actually post fake photos and try to pass them off as themselves. This can involve situations, locations, and even the entire person, but how crazy is it when they have people on their friends list that knows them in person? What do they think about the fake photographs? Surely they will be as confused as hell.

Fake photos-Things You Should Not Post On Facebook


People can be rather stupid at times and one area that is growing in popularity is posting about their hatred for their job even though their boss is on their friends list. The problem here is that some people genuinely do not realize what they are doing whereas other use it to get fired, but how thick are they to even consider voicing their displeasure in this way?

Jobs-Things You Should Not Post On Facebook

7.Intimate details

Why do some people feel that everybody in their friends list deserves to know that they are lying about being sick or how they kissed someone that they are not in a relationship with? There are so many people that are now guilty of offering far too much information on things that should be private, but now they are letting hundreds or thousands of people know about it.

Intimate details-Things You Should Not Post On Facebook

8.Purchases when in debt

There are some people out there who will post a picture of something they have just bought, then boast about it to their friends even when they owe some of those very friends some money. This is going to create one of the ultimate strange situations where people suddenly have a lot of explaining to do.

Purchases when in debt-Things You Should Not Post On Facebook

9.Computer game updates

This is different to sending requests for the likes of Farmville as this involves adults telling other adults how well they are doing on a computer game for children. Do people really care that you just completed a new level that took you 35 hours? The answer is no, so stop posting about it on your page.

Computer game updates-Things You Should Not Post On Facebook

10.Cringe crushes

If you are an adult and you love the likes of Justin Bieber, then do yourself a favor and do not admit to it on Facebook and to all of your friends. We all have guilty pleasures, but the key there is the word guilty, so save yourself some ridicule by keeping these crushes to yourself.

Cringe crushes-Things You Should Not Post On Facebook

11.Test results

At what point on Facebook do you decide to tell people how dense you are and tell them about failing tests? Surely it is something to feel ashamed about rather than basically boasting about? You wonder if they are trying to do it in order to get sympathy, but you just know it is going to backfire on them.

Test results-Things You Should Not Post On Facebook

12.I'm drunk!!

OK you want people to know that you love to have fun and that is fine, but is there any need to go ahead and post pictures where you and your friends are clearly drunk and in a mess? People think it makes them look cool when it actually makes them look stupid apart from when there is something really funny such as falling asleep in a drawer.

I'm drunk!!-Things You Should Not Post On Facebook

13.Game updates

If you have any friends, then there is a good chance some of them will play some of these games. This is fine, but why do they feel the need to post constant updates about them on their pages or send requests? If somebody wants to play it they will, but they will not be pressured into it so you get some new carrots.

Game updates-Things You Should Not Post On Facebook

14.Your daily thoughts

People are now posting far too much information on Facebook and for some reason there are people that insist on basically putting up every detail from their diary. Do you honestly believe that people want to know everything you do or how happy or sad you are and the reasons why? Probably not.

Your daily thoughts-Things You Should Not Post On Facebook

15.How you eat

Why on earth would you want to showcase what you are eating all of the time? Unless you have managed to come up with something that is genuinely amazing, then stop posting images of Burger King as if it is a gourmet meal. People do not care about your diet.

How you eat-Things You Should Not Post On Facebook



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