People Balancing Themselves At Crazy Places

Thursday, Jan 28, 2021, 8:07 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.The hamster wheel

This looks like he has climbed on top of the hamster wheel, but of course the hamster wheel is at the top of a cliff face and you could easily end up plummeting off. On second thoughts it is probably better to be the hamster.

The hamster wheel-People Balancing Themselves At Crazy Places

2.Just why?

The big question here has to be just why would you go and put yourself through this? At what point do you decide you need to do this in your life? Surely he is single because his wife would be having a number of heart attacks on a weekly basis.

Just why?-People Balancing Themselves At Crazy Places

3.Just so wrong

Clearly one guy lost on rock, paper, scissors and had to go on the outer pose because if they fall from each others hold, then the other guy is just going to fall back onto a bush. However, the other guy is going to have to wait some time before he hits any kind of ground again.

Just so wrong-People Balancing Themselves At Crazy Places


4.Lovely red suit

Clearly they decided on a red suit in order to make sure that if they did indeed fall that all of the bits would kind of be together. This is just a strange thing to even set up in the first place and is that a person tied up at the bottom?

Lovely red suit-People Balancing Themselves At Crazy Places

5.Your bicycle has broken down

What a place for your bicycle to break down and at the time where you basically just have your pants on. Talk about an absolute inconvenience and you also have a huge bath plunger to carry along with you as well for some unknown reason.

Your bicycle has broken down-People Balancing Themselves At Crazy Places

6.At least the rock won't move

Well with this one at least you do know that the rock itself is not going to suddenly slip free and you will drop to your death. However, that is the only sure thing about all of this and what is it about the stack of chairs to get you higher?

At least the rock won't move-People Balancing Themselves At Crazy Places

7.It's all on your shoulders

Well this is really putting your faith in your partner because getting on his shoulders and trusting that he will not crumble really is a difference between life and death. Who decides who goes on top? Is that like the short straw?

It's all on your shoulders-People Balancing Themselves At Crazy Places

8.Just strange

Well this is certainly a very strange act to have because the balancing part is fine, but what is it with the guy with the gun? This makes it hard to know which part is actually the scariest out of this particular act.

Just strange-People Balancing Themselves At Crazy Places

9.The handstand

So you know that this guy is going to do a handstand on the end here and that is a scary idea. You only have to look at the view to know that get your balance wrong and there could be a major issue.

The handstand-People Balancing Themselves At Crazy Places

10.The end of the road

OK so there is no real point to a unicycle, but there is even less point to a unicycle on a road that is this short. Talk about needing exceptional balance because one slight wrong move and it really is the end of the road.

The end of the road-People Balancing Themselves At Crazy Places

11.What a view

Nope this has not been photoshopped and this is actually a guy doing a balancing act on this cliff. Now if you liked the view and wanted to see it from a different angle would it not be safer to just walk around and not do this extreme balancing stuff?

What a view-People Balancing Themselves At Crazy Places

12.That can't be safe

Well this shows that extreme balancing does go back some time because this was taken decades ago and it still scares a lot of people. This really is a case of not looking down or it will completely freak you out because the drop would be something else.

That can't be safe-People Balancing Themselves At Crazy Places



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