Most Amazing Exotic Birds

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 1:08 pm
By:Tony Williams


A quirky looking bird, the Hoope has a unique feathered crown on his head. Speckled with black dots, this bird appears to be wearing a mohawk, and seems to be very proud of it as he holds his head high. With a golden body and intricate wing design, this bird is one to see.

Hoopoe-Most Amazing Exotic Birds

2.Golden Pheasant

A game bird by nature, the Golden Pheasant resides in China. With a red body and golden head, the male spreads his wings to attract females who are drawn to his black and orange fanned out display, where only his yellow eye is visible. Strutting his stuff for the Ladies, the male enjoys spreading his wings wide.

Golden Pheasant-Most Amazing Exotic Birds

3.Northern Cardinal

The beautifully red male Northern Cardinal is a sight to see. A non-migrating bird, they also don't molt, making them stand out in any season, waking us up on summer mornings with their sweet songs. The females are a rich brown, making both sexes owners of the deepest, richest colors to be found in a bird.

Northern Cardinal-Most Amazing Exotic Birds


The kingfisher loves fish, and they find it easy to catch due to their large beaks. Sitting on perches slightly above the water, they have n problem diving for fish, crabs, frogs, lizards, insects and bird eggs. They even go after mice. Once they capture their prey they slam it against their perch repeatedly until dead.

Kingfishers-Most Amazing Exotic Birds

5.Atlantic Puffin

Looking similar to a seagull with the exception of its bright orange beak, this seabird is part of the auk family. The Atlantic Puffin dives for fish, and also likes crustaceans and squid. Often referred to as the clown of the ocean, they are the only bird in the puffin species to populate the Atlantic Ocean.

Atlantic Puffin-Most Amazing Exotic Birds


The Quetzal is a wonderfully colored bird, that is vibrant, yet blends with the tropical forests of Central America. Living off insects and lizards, they also eat fruit. Considered one of the most beautiful birds in the world, this bird is becoming extinct in Guatamala and in other regions where their species is threatened.

Quetzal-Most Amazing Exotic Birds

7.Rainbow Lorikeet

Found in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Vanatu, and the Solomon Islands, the Rainbow Lorikeet prefers the coastal bush areas, the rain forest and the woodlands. Both the male and female look almost identical to the general public, but bird enthusiasts can see a distinction.

Rainbow Lorikeet-Most Amazing Exotic Birds

8.Grey Crowned Crane

Living south of the Sahara Desert, the Grey Crowned Crane tends to seek the wetter, moisture locations, such as marshes, river banks and lake area. Wearing a feather crown, these birds are uniquely odd looking, but equally beautiful. A non-migrating bird, the crane family Gruidae calls the Grey Crowned Crane one of its own.

Grey Crowned Crane-Most Amazing Exotic Birds

9.California Condor

The largest bird in North America is the California Condor, a vulture that lives in the western states such as California, Utah and Arizona, this bird is the only survivor of the Gymnogyps californians family. Not the prettiest of birds, as vultures typically aren't, this bird is very colorful and unique.

California Condor-Most Amazing Exotic Birds


Peacocks are known for their large colorful tails of blue and green that spread out in a fanlike show. The fan of iridescent colors makes up more than sixty percent of the bird itself, and male birds used it to attract female birds for mating. The brighter, more colorful and larger, the male feathers, the more females he attracts.

Peacock-Most Amazing Exotic Birds

11.Lear's Macaw

This Brazilian blue parrot is part of the Neotropical parrots family. Their official name of this beautiful bird is the Anodorhynchus leari, and because if its blue coloring is often referred to as the Indigo Macaw. Measuring 28 to 30 inches lon, these birds weigh up to two pounds in adulthood.

Lear's Macaw-Most Amazing Exotic Birds

12.Bali Bird of Paradise

As members of the Paradisaidae of the order of Passeriformes, the Bird of Paradise is found on the island of New Guinea. Living in inaccessible areas, these birds are hard to find in person as they reside in the rainforests. Colorful, they look more like works of art than living creatures.

Bali Bird of Paradise-Most Amazing Exotic Birds



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