15 Women Post Their Awkward Boob Confessions

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 6:16 am
By:James Fraser

Boobs! The second most powerful thing after Earth that is known to have some kind of gravitational power! While Earth attracts everything toward its core, breasts attract men. Men love boobs. Boobs are a big deal for them. They are one of those things that bounce on a woman's body. On the other hand, most women don't find their boobs amusing or interesting. However, they all want their breasts big and beautiful. 
Men are like guests to boobs. They play with boobs once in a while but don't really know what it feels like to carry them on their chest all the time until death. From a girl's perspective, there are advantages as well as disadvantages of having boobs especially if they're big. The benefits are obvious. Breasts make women look good. They help women to rule men. Thanks to boobs, a girl is a dominant partner in most relationships! There are many downsides to having breasts as well. Let's not talk about them! 
Hey guys, do you want to know what girls think about their boobs? If your answer is yes, you should read these 15 boob confessions made by beautiful girls! Most of these confessions are awkward, and some of them are absolutely hilarious!
10.She is Not Alone

Well, She is not wrong. Men love boobs, and the sight of breasts makes them completely silent, She sounds like a keeper.

She is Not Alone-15 Women Post Their Awkward Boob Confessions

11.Grabbing Breasts When Looking for Something

No one knows why, but many women tend to grab their breasts when they are looking or searching for something.

Grabbing Breasts When Looking for Something-15 Women Post Their Awkward Boob Confessions

12.The Sad Truth

Women with larger breasts find it difficult to sleep on their stomach. In fact, any sleeping position is uncomfortable until sleep kicks in. 
The Sad Truth-15 Women Post Their Awkward Boob Confessions