Weird Facts About Animals

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 5:53 pm
By:Tony Williams


Did you know that the nose of a dog has a unique pattern in much the same way as our fingerprints? If you are an expert, then you can actually identify a dog by checking out its nose, so if they commit a crime surely it means they look for nose prints to identify the culprit.

Dogs-Weird Facts About Animals


Believe it or not, but the humble squirrel is the greatest tree planter in the world. Millions of trees have grown as a result of them planting seeds and dropping things, so see them as saving our planet and helping in the fight against deforestation.

Squirrel-Weird Facts About Animals


Have you ever wondered why a giraffe is so quiet? That is simply because they have no vocal chords, so how could they possibly make a huge amount of noise? However, this will probably make you feel sorry about them especially when you see this little face.

Giraffe-Weird Facts About Animals



OK so this is freaky, but a snail can actually grow back an eye if it loses one. This just seems wrong for some reason and it is certainly going to make you go ewww just thinking about it, but then it is also quite a cool party trick when you stop and think about it.

Snails-Weird Facts About Animals


The teeth of a beaver never stop growing, so they must chew on stuff to keep filing them down constantly or it would lead to all kinds of problems. If they didn't do this, then they would actually end up growing into their brain.

Beaver-Weird Facts About Animals


An elephant is pretty amazing in that it can smell water from as far as three miles away and this is quite handy when you live in those hot areas. You may also like to know that they go through the menopause, so do male elephants have to put up with a grumpy female elephant as well?

Elephants-Weird Facts About Animals


Did you know that a cat has 32 different muscles in just its ears? This helps them to have so much control over moving them, but you would never have imagined that there would have been so many in such a small space, so cats are even more amazing than you initially thought.

Cats-Weird Facts About Animals


If you find yourself in the jaws of a crocodile, then to get away from it push your finger as hard as you can into its eye. This will make it release you immediately, but of course you then need to get out of there pretty sharpish or it will come after you again.

Crocodile-Weird Facts About Animals


Everybody knows that a tiger has stripes, but less people know that tigers also have stripes on their actual skin. You would think that it was just on their fur, but you would be wrong, so imagine what they would look like bald.

Tiger-Weird Facts About Animals


Did you know that the bat is the only mammal that is able to fly? That in itself is pretty amazing, but surely they could have had a nicer mammal as the one that is then able to buzz around your head at different times?

Bat-Weird Facts About Animals


An adult ostrich can outrun a horse, which is pretty amazing, but then a male ostrich can also roar like a lion and this in itself is also pretty cool. You never imagined this strange bird could be like that did you?

Ostrich-Weird Facts About Animals

12.Polar bears

Even though it is massive, a polar bear is almost impossible to detect on an infrared camera. The reason for this is that it has transparent fur, so it confuses the equipment leading to it becoming almost invisible at least in this way.

Polar bears-Weird Facts About Animals



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