Weird Psychological Disorders

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 9:39 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Paris Syndrome

This strange disorder is exclusive of Japanese tourists who are in Japan on vacation or for work. The extreme differences in culture causes a mental breakdown, as what they expected Paris to be differs vastly from what the reality is when they arrive. The Japanese embassy has a 24 hour hotline for sufferers of this syndrome.

Paris Syndrome-Weird Psychological Disorders

2.Caffeine Induced Anxiety Disorder

Everyone knows that caffeine is a stimulant, but it affects more than your ability to fall asleep. Some people are sensitive to caffeine and their jitteriness turns into full blown anxiety. People prone to anxiety attacks and panic attacks are more susceptible to this disorder. Symptoms include racing heart and sweating.

Caffeine Induced Anxiety Disorder-Weird Psychological Disorders


If you suffer from Trichotillomania, chances are you have bald spots in your head. Victims of this disease, not only pull the hair in their scalp out, they also pull eyelashes, facial hair and hair on their genitals. Closely associated with OCD, suffers feel obsessed to pull their hair out and feel some kind of comfort from the ritual.

Trichotilomania-Weird Psychological Disorders


Stuck in indecision, suffers of Aboulomania face extreme difficulty in deciding what to do in any given moment. They can become paralyzed and dysfunctional if the condition is at its worse. Everyday simple things can cause them much angst as they cannot fulfill their own free will to move on with their day.

Aboulomania-Weird Psychological Disorders

5.Genital Retraction Syndrome

Genital Retraction Syndrome is a fear that your genitals are shrinking, which can also include the breasts on women. The fear is that they will shrink so much that they will disappear. In Southeast Asia, people think that this condition will lead to death. Good thing George Costanza's genitals only shrink when he's in the pool.

Genital Retraction Syndrome-Weird Psychological Disorders


If someone calls you a cow, you're usually insulted, but not if you suffer from Boanthropy, where you believe you are an actual cow or an ox. Typically, the syndrome begins as a dream and then infiltrates the waking mind so much that it becomes a delusion that takes over the victim's life.

Boanthropy-Weird Psychological Disorders

7.Windigo Psychosis

Sufferers of Windigo Psychosis have an insatiable craving for human flesh. To make matters more complicated, while they desire to eat this flesh, they also have an overwhelming fear that they are becoming cannibals. A confusing dis order in deed, that seems to be a mixture of spiritual and physical in nature.

Windigo Psychosis-Weird Psychological Disorders

8.Riley Day Syndrome

Riley Day Syndrome may sound like a walk in the park because the victim feels little to no pain, but we all need pain to signal our brain to let us know something is wrong, and to remove the offending object. People suffering from this disorder often burn their hands without knowing it, sometimes resulting in horrific burns with loss of fingers or toes, etc.

Riley Day Syndrome-Weird Psychological Disorders

9.Body Identity Integrity Disorder

This strange disorder may freak some of you out. The victim feels very strongly that they need to be an amputee, and they typically decide to have healthy limbs removed from their body. People suffering from this disease could be suffering from damage to their parietal lobe, usually after a stroke.

Body Identity Integrity Disorder-Weird Psychological Disorders


People with Erotomania think that someone of a much higher status, often a celebrity, is in love with them. The delusion is so strong, they really and truly believe it with every fiber of their being, and even if said person told them straight out that they were not in love with them, they wouldn't believe it.

Erotomania-Weird Psychological Disorders

11.Cotard's Syndrome

Cotards Syndrome is often referred to as the Walking Corpse Syndrome. It involves a person thinking that they are actually dead or do not exist, thinking that their organs have been removed.

Cotard's Syndrome-Weird Psychological Disorders


Bet you never heard of this one. Autophagia involved eating yourself. Yep! Victims of this disorder bite and chew on their own body, from mild issues, such as bitting their nails and chewing on their fingers to life threatening issues, where they actually bit into their arms and other parts of their bodies, taking chunks out.

Authophagia-Weird Psychological Disorders



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