15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 4:18 pm
By:James Fraser

We all have trust issues in one or the other way. Some of us will find it difficult to trust people, while others have issues in trusting the physical world around them. We aren't born with trust issues, as we get them at some point of our lives, because of some unfortunate incidents. Here are 15 images that show you how trust issues begin!
13.Caring is Burning Cookies

Forget about care, the cookie in this person's hand is clearly baked with hate. Those people who made these cookies clearly don't care about their cookies or customers. Baking isn't an easy thing, and at times, mistakes like these happen. A good company always makes sure their customers are getting right ones, by dumping burned or spoiled food. However, few sellers try to sell off anything to anyone, no matter what!

Caring is Burning Cookies-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues

14.One Brand, Two Advices

On the front side, this vitamin supplement jar says one gummy a day. On the backside, it says two a day. Now, should you take one a day or two? Quantity is generally a critical thing when comes to supplements, where under-dosage may not give results, while over-dosage may lead to serious health problems. 

One Brand, Two Advices-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues

15.Butts Can be Deceiving Too

It's hard to tell if all the big and round booties you see are real. Now, this thing you are seeing in this image is something truly funny and makes you wonder even flat and natural butts can be deceiving. The girl looks absolutely stunning when she was sitting. However, when she stood up, she was as flat as an LED TV! When you are checking out girls who are sitting, make sure you check them out when they stand as well!

Butts Can be Deceiving Too-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues