15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 4:18 pm
By:James Fraser

We all have trust issues in one or the other way. Some of us will find it difficult to trust people, while others have issues in trusting the physical world around them. We aren't born with trust issues, as we get them at some point of our lives, because of some unfortunate incidents. Here are 15 images that show you how trust issues begin!
7.All That Glitters is Not Gold

Don't fall for bling and glitter blindly! If you can read, there are hundreds of stories of men who fell for gorgeous women on streets, who later were shocked to see their real faces under the thick line of makeup! Makeup isn't always for enhancing beauty; it also helps to cover up things most men hate to see! Well, this picture says it all. There's nothing wrong in wearing makeup though! Everyone's beautiful, and everybody can try to look beautiful.

All That Glitters is Not Gold-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues

8.100% False Advertising

You would see many soft drinks and beverages with pictures of fruits on them, containing this "Contains No Fruit" tag on product packing. Here in the image, at least this drink has 27% juice which is better than 0%. Most of us don't check the ingredients or nutrition information on products. If we do; trust us, we will think twice or thrice before purchasing our favorite drink or snack.

100% False Advertising-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues

9.Mom, What Have You Done?

If you wonder how super villains are made, you can look at this picture to find out! This mom thinks it's okay to prank her daughter in this funny yet horrible way. The little girl there looks too calm and innocent to deserve this kind of a prank from her mom. Well, the little girl will never believe anyone or believe anything blindly again.

Mom, What Have You Done?-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues