15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 4:18 pm
By:James Fraser

We all have trust issues in one or the other way. Some of us will find it difficult to trust people, while others have issues in trusting the physical world around them. We aren't born with trust issues, as we get them at some point of our lives, because of some unfortunate incidents. Here are 15 images that show you how trust issues begin!
1.Not Suitable for Climbing

If you are looking for a rope, and searching for one in a local store, you will blindly go for this rope, given its promising features (claims) like high strength. Unless you look closely, or use a microscope, you will not find those scary words that say "Not Suitable for Climbing". Well, if that rope wasn't made for climbing, why is there a nice and big climber/hiker's silhouette on it in first place?

Not Suitable for Climbing-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues


If you don't already have trust issues, this image will surely create some! In a world, where men already have to deal with fake bodies, this lady in the image has taken the 'lies' to an all new level. We bet most people who saw this picture in her social networking profiles or somewhere else, would definitely go mad of her big cleavage! We know what's up!

Kneevage?-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues

3.Kinder Surprise Egg

Kinder Eggs are popular throughout the world. However, in United States these chocolate eggs with surprise toy inside are illegal. Children love these Kinder Eggs because a secret toy is concealed inside the packing, under a thick layer of chocolate. The kid you are seeing in the image has bitten a real chicken egg, thinking it was a Kinder Surprise Egg. People get trust issues with incidents like these! Now, check how your trust issues have started!
Kinder Surprise Egg-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues


4.Is This Dad Teaching a Life Lesson, or Creating Trust Issues in that Kid's Mind?

This dad you are seeing in the picture have taught his son a serious and painful life lesson of not trusting anyone blindly, even if it was a dad. We are not sure if the kid would take his dad's lesson in right way! This incident will however put a world of doubt into that lad's mind, and he will not be forgetting this thing for a long time! Trust is an essential emotional part of human lives, without which no relationship can stick together!

Is This Dad Teaching a Life Lesson, or Creating Trust Issues in that Kid's Mind?-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues

5.Photoshop Is Not Always the Culprit

Some people prefer faking their photos on social networking or dating sites. These people, who are not comfortable with how they look, use Photoshop to cover up their body or abnormalities in their bodies. However, some people need no more than an image cropping tool to cover up the real side of them! Well, this picture will show why you shouldn't trust people on social networking or dating sites blindly.

Photoshop Is Not Always the Culprit-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues

6.Sometimes You Shouldn't Trust Your Best Friends Too

With this nut-breaking incident, this guy has learned not to trust even best friends blindly. Oh boy, that will hurt him badly! Do you think this guy will play any funny games with his friends in future? No, he wont! This incident will haunt him for a long time, and he's not going to trust anyone easily. This is how trust issues start!

Sometimes You Shouldn't Trust Your Best Friends Too-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues

7.All That Glitters is Not Gold

Don't fall for bling and glitter blindly! If you can read, there are hundreds of stories of men who fell for gorgeous women on streets, who later were shocked to see their real faces under the thick line of makeup! Makeup isn't always for enhancing beauty; it also helps to cover up things most men hate to see! Well, this picture says it all. There's nothing wrong in wearing makeup though! Everyone's beautiful, and everybody can try to look beautiful.

All That Glitters is Not Gold-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues


8.100% False Advertising

You would see many soft drinks and beverages with pictures of fruits on them, containing this "Contains No Fruit" tag on product packing. Here in the image, at least this drink has 27% juice which is better than 0%. Most of us don't check the ingredients or nutrition information on products. If we do; trust us, we will think twice or thrice before purchasing our favorite drink or snack.

100% False Advertising-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues

9.Mom, What Have You Done?

If you wonder how super villains are made, you can look at this picture to find out! This mom thinks it's okay to prank her daughter in this funny yet horrible way. The little girl there looks too calm and innocent to deserve this kind of a prank from her mom. Well, the little girl will never believe anyone or believe anything blindly again.

Mom, What Have You Done?-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues


10.Even Hershey's is No Exception

Hershey's is one such company that many consumers have a blind trust towards its brand. What can Hershey's do to create trust issues in their customers? Well, they can create calcium fortified syrup with 0% calcium as you can see in the image! FDA even sent a warning letter to Hershey's over misleading product name. 

Even Hershey's is No Exception-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues

11.Where is the Fingerprint Resistance?

Fingerprint resistance has grown in some importance over the past few years, as we see most of today's electronic brands tout fingerprint resistance as a feature. Fingerprint resistance is indeed a good feature, as long as you don't need to deal with things like you are seeing the picture. The product there claims it has fingerprint resistance, but we don't see any!

Where is the Fingerprint Resistance?-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues


12.Product Made in China Including the American Flag

This is definitely not a Chinese flag! Now, is this a Chinese made or American made item? The name there says it was made in China, while the flag is telling other story! We strongly believe this product was made in China, as one clearly knows what to expect from a Chinese product. It's unbelievable, but most of the pricey gadgets and stuff you buy in USA are indeed made in China.

Product Made in China Including the American Flag-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues

13.Caring is Burning Cookies

Forget about care, the cookie in this person's hand is clearly baked with hate. Those people who made these cookies clearly don't care about their cookies or customers. Baking isn't an easy thing, and at times, mistakes like these happen. A good company always makes sure their customers are getting right ones, by dumping burned or spoiled food. However, few sellers try to sell off anything to anyone, no matter what!

Caring is Burning Cookies-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues

14.One Brand, Two Advices

On the front side, this vitamin supplement jar says one gummy a day. On the backside, it says two a day. Now, should you take one a day or two? Quantity is generally a critical thing when comes to supplements, where under-dosage may not give results, while over-dosage may lead to serious health problems. 

One Brand, Two Advices-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues

15.Butts Can be Deceiving Too

It's hard to tell if all the big and round booties you see are real. Now, this thing you are seeing in this image is something truly funny and makes you wonder even flat and natural butts can be deceiving. The girl looks absolutely stunning when she was sitting. However, when she stood up, she was as flat as an LED TV! When you are checking out girls who are sitting, make sure you check them out when they stand as well!

Butts Can be Deceiving Too-15 Images That Will Give You Real Trust Issues



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