Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Back

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 7:56 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Back Exercises

Find out about specific exercises for back pain. This can help alleviate muscle strain for example. Your local doctor will have various pamphlets and information available.

Back Exercises-Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Back


Wear the correct shoes, wearing incorrect shoes can throw your spine out of balance. Not to mention cause sore feet and bone issues in your foot.

Shoes-Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Back


Watch your weight since added pounds can cause you to put strain on your back. Particularly on your waist section, so look at reducing it as you will feel the benefits in more ways than one.

Weight-Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Back


Females should ensure that they have a correctly fitted bra. Badly fitted bras can cause not only back ache but also stomach issues and other illness like heartburn.

Bras-Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Back


If you carry a briefcase or laptop make sure it is not too heavy for you. Another back friendly option is a case with wheels and a handle. The option that air-hostesses use. This alleviates pressure on your back in the long term.

Laptops-Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Back


Office furniture and just regular household furniture can be the cause of a bad back. Make sure as per this diagram you are not straining your back.

Sitting-Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Back


Getting enough sleep ensures that the body replenishes itself and repairs tissue. The same goes for backs. Cartilage and disks are replaced during sleep.

Sleep-Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Back


Doing exercises like Pilates and Yoga can really strengthen your back muscles. Stretching can help too, but of course you need to do it in a controlled manner to prevent further injury.

Pilates-Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Back


Poor posture can be the main cause of back pain. Here in this diagram we can see how different postures can cause various back issues. The last image shows how one should stand. Feet slightly apart, head straight and buttocks tucked in.

Posture-Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Back


A great way to prevent issues before they start is to take care of your back before you have any problems. Picking up heavy objects you should always bend your knees. That way you do not put pressure on your back and cause strain.

Lifting-Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Back


If you spend a lot of time in your car or long distance traveling make sure you are seated correctly. You can get tips from a physiotherapist or your doctor as to the correct posture. Sometimes a cushion placed in the small of your back can really help with back pain.

Driving-Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Back


Swimming is a non weight bearing exercise so is very good for backs. This also means you need not give up exercise because you have a sore back and can not only keep fit but also manage back pain with the correct techniques. Water aerobics is another good option.

Swim-Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Back



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