15 Best Optical Illusions Of All Time

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 11:08 am
By:Mike Litzler

An optical illusion is a phenomenon that tricks our brain to believe in something that's either wrong, or not there in the first place. Our eyes and brain work together to help us see the things around us. There are two types of optical illusions. Our eyes cause the first type of illusion, Eyes see something wrong and send false visual signals to the brain. The second type of illusion is caused by the brain, where it automatically makes a false assumption based on the information sent by eyes. Optical illusions are fun! Check these fifteen best optical illusions of all time. 
1.Square no more??

Superimpose a bunch of concentric circles on a square and we see the lines bending..! unbelievable? better believe it.!!

Square no more??-15 Best Optical Illusions Of All Time

2.Salvador Dali

Profile of Salvador Dali and a woman in this picture. A prominent Spanish painter, best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work.

Salvador Dali-15 Best Optical Illusions Of All Time

3.Batman Rises

This picture is dedicated to all the die hard fans of Batman and DC comics. It is one of my favorite 3D street art collections.

Batman Rises-15 Best Optical Illusions Of All Time

4.Anamorphic Illusion

One of the best Anamorphic illusions i have ever come across. All credits to the artist John Pugh for this splendid work. It almost seems real.

Anamorphic Illusion-15 Best Optical Illusions Of All Time

5.Rice Wave

One of the classical illusion of all time. This is a static picture, but your brain tricks you and it appears to be moving. Fascinating isn't it?

Rice Wave-15 Best Optical Illusions Of All Time

6.What do you see??

This is an interesting one. What we adults see is two people making love.! Show it to a kid and he can see dolphins playing..!! A message of love by dolphins by Sandro Del-Prete.

What do you see??-15 Best Optical Illusions Of All Time

7.Warring Mind

What do you really see in this picture? A man thinking ? or the fight between a dragon and a knight? The hidden aspect of it being a battle between the good and bad.

Warring Mind-15 Best Optical Illusions Of All Time

8.Multidirectional Face Illusions

Using his Samsung L100 digital camera and Photoshop, Venezuela-based student Jesus Gonzalez Rodriguez mixed layers to create some of the trippiest face illusions we'd seen in a very long time.

Multidirectional Face Illusions-15 Best Optical Illusions Of All Time


The dice appear to form an impossible triangle. Your eyes and brain are fooled because they assume that all the corners of the triangle are touching one another. In reality, the photograph has been taken from a very specific angle. If the position of the camera was to shift slightly, you would see that in reality the 'triangle' is actually created by three lines of dice arranged in the shape of the letter 'Z'. As such, one of the 'corners' in the photograph actually consists of two ends that are very long way apart. This idea is based on a drawing of an impossible triangle originally created by physicist Roger Penrose in 1954.

IMPOSSIBLE TRIANGLE-15 Best Optical Illusions Of All Time


This is a bistable illusion by Nobuyuki Kayahara. Where you can see movement both clockwise and counterclockwise direction. An amazing Illusion!

SPINNING SILHOUETTE DANCER-15 Best Optical Illusions Of All Time


The color of both A and B surface is same. Don't believe us? Just use your finger to cover the place where both parts meet, and you'll see.

IDENTICAL COLORS-15 Best Optical Illusions Of All Time

12.3D Grass Globe at Paris City Hall

Artist Francois Abelanet has played tricks on our eyes, making us believe there is a three-dimensional grass globe sitting right in the middle of Paris' City Hall. When viewed at different angles, however, the illusion quickly falls apart.

3D Grass Globe at Paris City Hall-15 Best Optical Illusions Of All Time

13.Rotating snakes

Fantastic static image by Akiyoshi Kitaoka.Circular snakes appear to rotate spontaneously. It is based on the concept of visual perception and optical illusions of geometrical shape, brightness, color, in motion illusions and other visual phenomena like Gestalt completion and perceptual transparency.

Rotating snakes-15 Best Optical Illusions Of All Time

14.Blue Chairs

Peek inside the windows of the Issey Miyake store in Tokyo, and you'll think you're looking at a room full of blue chairs. But that's where you'd be wrong. The white floor only has blue chair backs popping out of the floor, the rest of the chair, the seats, and legs, had been painted on the ground!

Blue Chairs-15 Best Optical Illusions Of All Time

15.Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe??

This fantastic image looks like physicist Albert Einstein. However, move a few feet away from the screen and suddenly it'll transform into Marilyn Monroe. The work of Aude Oliva and her colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the illusion was created in three steps. First, the researchers obtained a photograph of Marilyn Monroe and removed the fine-grained facial features, such as any wrinkles or other blemishes. Second, they obtained a photo of Albert Einstein and removed the more coarse features, such as the shape of the mouth or nose. Finally, the two images were superimposed on top of one another. Because the fine-grained features are visible during close-up, the image looks like Albert Einstein when you're just a few inches away from the page. However, move a few feet away and suddenly only the coarse features are visible, magically transforming the image into Marilyn Monroe.

Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe??-15 Best Optical Illusions Of All Time



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