15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 6:08 pm
By:James Fraser

Tattoos are cool as long as you wear them the way they are intended to be! Tattoos look good on almost all parts of the body except face. Face is one thing in the body that shouldn't be messed up with tattoos. If someone wants a tattoo on face, there are still ways to get a decent one. Here are fifteen people who have got their face tattoo terribly wrong! Yes, they look insane and stupid!
7.Gosh, a Dick Tattoo

If there's ever a 'world's weird and most stupid tattoo contest, this guy will win it. Who on earth will tattoo a dick on their face? He went a little more creative and made his ear look like a ball sack! People will still hate this guy even if he donates a million dollars to poor, or does a million good things. This is just terrible!

Gosh, a Dick Tattoo-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

8.He Looks Like a Serial Killer

He might have looked cute if there's no such stupid tattoo on his face. With those two guns on two sides of his face, this guy you are seeing the picture looks more like a serial killer. We don't what actually will make them to think to have tattoos like this. Who will give this guy a job? If he's already a rich guy, imagine how many times he will be stopped at airports for that extra check to make sure he isn't the wrong guy.

He Looks Like a Serial Killer-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

9.Meet Teddy Boy

Ladies, do you like this Teddy boy? Well, he wants you, us and everyone in the world to love him! Is he trying to be cute? Well, he would have looked cool if he decided stay in human form than playing with it with immature and funny tattoos like these. With that hairstyle, and those pointless tattoo texts, he looks no less than an idiot!

Meet Teddy Boy-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos