15 Images That Look Fake, But Are Actually True

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:22 pm
By:James Fraser

Unfortunately, internet is full of fake pictures. You see tons of fake photos in Facebook or other social media sites that easily make you think everything you see on internet is fake. However, not all of them are fake. Here are fifteen images (and stories behind them) that look fake, But are Actually True.
1.This Cobweb Tree

This picture looks like as if there was a small atomic bomb explosion there! It wasn't any explosion, as you can clearly see it was just a tree that is full of cobwebs. Back in 2010, Sindh region of Pakistan was flooded. Spiders and other insects took shelter on those trees to protect themselves from drowning. What happened next? The picture tells you the story.

This Cobweb Tree-15 Images That Look Fake, But Are Actually True

2.Free the Floof!!!

This looks like some kind of fluffy ball, right? What if we tell you that it is actually a living being that can eat, sleep and walk? Yes, that is a bunny. This bunny you are seeing in the picture is world's fluffiest bunny. Fluffy bunnies like those belong to 'Angora' rabbit breed. Isn't that bunny really cute?

Free the Floof!!!-15 Images That Look Fake, But Are Actually True

3.Best Place To Fry (Tan) Yourself!

We assure you there were no Photoshop skills on display here. This picture is real. This picture was taken in Bondi Beach of Sydney, Australia. This beach in Australia is known for giant beach sculptures. Imagine sitting on top of that sculpture's handle and watching the beach. It's awesome, right?

Best Place To Fry (Tan) Yourself!-15 Images That Look Fake, But Are Actually True


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