Teens Now Vs. Teens Earlier

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 7:19 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.School dance

The school dance was hated in previous decades and it is still hated today. A number of schools still try to keep it like this, so there will be no twerking on the stage and there are limits on how you can be dressed, so perhaps this is something that teens over the decades can all relate to with the awkwardness of the school dance.

School dance-Teens Now Vs. Teens Earlier


Even how teens posed in photographs is different to what they do now because here it is all quite calm and peaceful, but the modern day equivalent would be anything but that. Instead, you know that they would have strange expressions on their face, they would be dressed differently, and one person would be extending their middle finger in a gesture of defiance.

Poses-Teens Now Vs. Teens Earlier


OK so the jukebox is still cool, but look at how they are dressed for going to a club. Do you ever see guys wearing a shirt and tie now? Instead, you are more likely to see teens in crazy outfits, their chest hanging out, and basically wearing things that would make teens in the 50s cringe.

Music-Teens Now Vs. Teens Earlier


Drinking coffee back in the 50s was certainly a lot more calming than it is now. This image shows them just sitting having a chat, but now you are more likely to see teens in a car with a take-away Starbucks bouncing along to music while the caffeine hits them hard.

Coffee-Teens Now Vs. Teens Earlier


The reason why this picture has been chosen is that the word drugs has certainly taken on a different meaning now compared to back in the 50s. This was what was meant back then, but now it involves a whole host of illegal substances that make you feel seriously strange. Teens back then were certainly a bit more naive than now.

Substances-Teens Now Vs. Teens Earlier

6.Hanging around

Apart from the outfits, this image could easily be taken today because this is certainly something where there has been no discernable change in the way that we behave. Teens today will still hang around, even though they have an Xbox, and you will always see groups of them chatting just like their parents did.

Hanging around-Teens Now Vs. Teens Earlier

7.Going out

This was your typical guys night out scene in the 50s, but now compare it to a guys night in this modern day. It will often have a lot of beer, probably includes some blow up toys, and will also involve crazy photos appearing on Facebook as and when those guys have finished having sword fights with a sausage.

Going out-Teens Now Vs. Teens Earlier


Go on admit it, you have never seen people dancing like this in a club for real have you? These days were over decades ago and now we seem to prefer to dance in groups and there is less pairing up of couples with them then throwing each other around the dance floor. We are probably not even fit enough to do this.

Dancing-Teens Now Vs. Teens Earlier


Driving is certainly different because here you have a stereo playing and people dancing at a service station. Now, they will have the car all pimped out and bouncing all over the place, the music will still be playing, but the days of people dancing like this are long gone.

Driving-Teens Now Vs. Teens Earlier

10.Prom night

When you think of prom night back in previous decades, then you will start to think about it being like something out of Grease. Compare it to now where it is all about limousines and being far more outlandish. It really did seem far more serene back then and less commercial as well.

Prom night-Teens Now Vs. Teens Earlier

11.The beach

This was the teen beach scene back in the 50s and notice how calm and peaceful it is. Now, it is all about smaller swimwear and there is a very good chance that you would see somebody half buried as some kind of a joke in the background.

The beach-Teens Now Vs. Teens Earlier

12.Sharing pop

OK so this was the kind of scene you would find in the 50s with teens and how it has changed today. You will never see this kind of thing going on now, unless you are very lucky, because instead it is all about bigger bottles, one person having Coke, the other diet Coke due to trying to lose weight and both sending messages on their smartphone.

Sharing pop-Teens Now Vs. Teens Earlier



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