15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 4:28 pm
By:Mike Litzler

A first date is always going to be a challenging thing. Dates usually don't go well unless people plan it well. Unfortunately, A date can still go terribly wrong even after all the great planning. The first date is a critical moment, and it is undoubtedly the foundation stone for a long relationship ahead. If you particularly see your date partner as a future boyfriend/girlfriend, you need to take extra care to make the first date a success. Everyone around will tell you what to do on a first date. So, let us tell you what not to do on a first date! Check these fifteen things that you should never do on a first date! 
1.Bad planning

The key here is to talk to the other person and find out what they want to do and come to some agreement. Just because you love to do something does not mean that they are the same and never assume that this will indeed be the case. Instead, have a chat and you will then find that the date will go a lot better simply because you have bothered to communicate with them in the first place.

Bad planning-15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date

2.Eating like a pig

People don't like it when their date is eating like a pig and it is going to really destroy that first date if you do this straight away. Remember and have manners and be demure when eating even if you usually throw it into your mouth as quickly as possible. You will know if you are ruining your chances if you look at them and their face is one of disgust.

Eating like a pig-15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date

3.Don't text

Texting somebody while you are on a date, unless it is an absolute emergency in which case they should call anyway, is going to destroy your chances immediately. Doing this comes across as if you are not interested in the person you are on a date with and you will find that they are going to just get up and leave if you continue to do this. You need to pay attention to them, so put that phone away.

Don't text-15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date


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