Marriage Checklist

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 6:03 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Say "I do"

And finally ... say "I do." Getting to the alter is the hard part, but once you're up there, enjoy every minute of it. Look into each other's eyes and realize that from this day forward you have made a pact to honor and cherish each other, till death do you part. It's an important commitment, that far too many people take too lightly.

Say "I do"-Marriage Checklist

2.Write Vows

A lot of couples these day are writing their own vows. By getting to say what you really feel about your life partner, you make your wedding ceremony unique to you. As you write your vows you want to include your feelings for your new significant other, as well as your views on your life together as one.

Write Vows-Marriage Checklist

3.Get Marriage License

Don't forget the marriage license. This is very exciting for most brides, and grooms, to be. Seeing their names together on a binding document, a license to marry. It is at this point that the butterflies begin to flutter, and the big day is just around the corner. This license should be kept in a safe place, with all your other important documents.

Get Marriage License-Marriage Checklist

4.Purchase Rings

The wedding rings that you'll wear till death do you part. These rings mean more than just the gold, silver or platinum that they're made of. They symbolize you coming together as one on that special day, and every time you look at your ring you're reminded of the vows you took. Choose a ring that you can see yourself wearing every day, for the rest of your life.

Purchase Rings-Marriage Checklist

5.Send Out Wedding Invitations

Choosing and sending out the wedding invitations is the step that makes it all seem real. Once they go out, the event is on. Selecting invitations that match the vibe of your wedding is a foreshsadowing of what's to come for your guests. Make sure to have a B list, should some of your A list not be able to attend.

Send Out Wedding Invitations-Marriage Checklist

6.Pick Bridesmaids

Choosing your bridesmaids and their bridesmaids dresses is a fun part of the wedding. These are the women who are going to support you through the entire process, walk down the aisle wih you and be in all your pictures. Choose friends and family members who you are close to, and who you believe will always be in your life.

Pick Bridesmaids-Marriage Checklist

7.Choose The Dress

Probably the most important dress you'll ever wear, and you'll only wear it once, so wear it well. Most brides bring along their mothers, mother-in-laws, and friends to help in the selection as they try on dress after dress, but somehow once you put on that certain dress you just know it is the one.

Choose The Dress-Marriage Checklist

8.Choose Photographer

The selection of photographer is another important piece of your wedding. You are going to want to remember this day forever, and the only thing you will have to look back at are those pictures. You want to choose someone who not only takes excellent quality pictures, but someone who knows how to get the shots, the ones that capture the feeling of your special day.

Choose Photographer-Marriage Checklist

9.Choose Band

The wedding band is a very important part of any wedding. They set the mood, they make the memories and they determine if everyone had a good time. Being able to choose songs that appeal to grandma as well as your nephew, is important, and you should sit with them to create the perfect play list.

Choose Band-Marriage Checklist

10.Reserve Venue

Reserving the venue must coincide with reserving the chapel or officionary. Depending on how many guests you are having, you can choose a small intimate location, or a grand ballroom. In choosing the venue you can also choose the lay out of the guest tables, as well as the headtable, if you're having one. It is important to check out the room in person to get a feel for the type of vibe it offers.

Reserve Venue-Marriage Checklist

11.Reserve Church or Chapel

The next thing you'll want to do after figuring out how many people you want to have at your wedding, is to set the marriage date. To do that you will need to reserve the chapel, or someone to officinate the wedding. Aligning their availability with the venue to host the reception is a must in order to get married and then have the gala afterward.

Reserve Church or Chapel-Marriage Checklist

12.Create Guest List

One of the first things to do after getting engaged is to reserve the chapel and venye for your wedding and reception, but first you must have an idea of how many people you will be having. The first draft of your guest list will tell you how big of a venue you will need to host everyone that is important to you.

Create Guest List-Marriage Checklist



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