15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 6:35 pm
By:James Fraser

Your entire life will be a lie if you ever believe girls don't lie! Girls do lie even to their partners, no matter how great the relationship is. It's not like only girls lie! Even men lie. From sweet little lies to lies that can break your heart, here are fifteen lies girls usually tell to boys.
1.I'm Fine

When a girl tells you 'I'm fine', it means she is not fine! This is a single popular and universal lie used by women all over the world to let you know that something has gone wrong. If you think she's fine, you are probably fuc***. You need to understand she is unhappy or upset about something.

I'm Fine-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

2.Faking Period

This is one more lie girls tell to boys to skip or escape from something. If you ever wonder why your girl, or the girl you know, gets her period three times a month, this is the reason! This is so far the safest lie because no one's going to come and check what's up down there!

Faking Period-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

3.I Will Be Ready in Five Minutes

Friends, boyfriends, husbands and all men in this world understand this thing. A girl says she will be ready in five minutes, but it may take a day, week, month or even a year! It can be frustrating for men, but we have to understand that a girl getting ready isn't as simple as wearing an unwashed jeans!

I Will Be Ready in Five Minutes-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys


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