Top 15 Weirdest Office Buildings

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 5:18 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Rotating office

This is another pod option when it comes to an office, but this one is quite see-through and it also rotates and this alone makes it weird. Why anybody would feel the need to have a rotating office is unknown, but it does look quite good as it is and it will also not take up too much space either. Clearly it is quite a futuristic design and you are going to want to be sure that it blends in with everything around it or it will look out of place and even stranger than it needs to be.

Rotating office-Top 15 Weirdest Office Buildings

2.Tree office

Yes this actually is an office and yes they are using a tree house. You would like to think that it is rare to look at a tree and think that it is the perfect place for you to work, but if you think about it you will get peace and quiet enabling you to concentrate on what you need to do. It is also helped by the fact that a tree house is quite cool.

Tree office-Top 15 Weirdest Office Buildings

3.The pod

This is actually a strange office pod that can go in the back garden and there is no doubt that it is a weird office to look at. They argue that it is very energy efficient and of course it is compact with this being a major bonus to different people, but you have to agree that it looks very strange indeed and could look out of place in your garden.

The pod-Top 15 Weirdest Office Buildings

4.Box office

This office in Providence is of course a series of containers put together in order to form this rather funky, yet weird, looking office. It is strange thinking that they used to be shipping containers, but it does make good use of them and it does mean you can have a reasonable sized office in a very small space. Bright colors are optional.

Box office-Top 15 Weirdest Office Buildings

5.Wavy building

This wavy shaped building is in Seoul, South Korea and you can see how it will automatically draw your eye to it thanks to the way it appears to be waving at you. The glass fašade just adds to the appeal and with it being 130m tall it does stand up there with some of the biggest buildings in the city. It is undoubtedly a weird, but cool, looking office and one you would probably love to work in.

Wavy building-Top 15 Weirdest Office Buildings

6.Pod Pavilion

This rather unusual office building is in Kuala Lumpur and it has been described as being similar to a series of cuts of meat being laid down side by side on a plate. It really is quite a strange building with the layout and it is actually quite low down making it unusual when most office buildings tend to reach for the skies. However, it is still well designed and is strangely attractive to look at.

Pod Pavilion-Top 15 Weirdest Office Buildings

7.Barcode building

This building has indeed been designed to look like a barcode and you will find it in St Petersburg, Russia. Quite why they decided to design it like this is a mystery, but in a strange way there is something quite appealing about it even though it would surely look better if it was in black and white? This appears to just be one of those buildings where the architect has gone a bit mad resulting in a building that looks like this.

Barcode building-Top 15 Weirdest Office Buildings

8.Fuji building

The Fuji television building in Japan is a rather strange design with all of those holes in the middle. It is then made even stranger with the ball at the top because that does not fit in with the rest of the lines that make up this building. Those corridors must feel strange to walk along when you know nothing is above or below you as well.

Fuji building-Top 15 Weirdest Office Buildings

9.The penis

OK so this building is not actually called the penis, but it does look like that, so the name is going to stay with it forever. This building, which is still being constructed, is in Beijing and it is going to be the office for a major newspaper in the country. Surely somebody has pointed out to them what it resembles? Surely somebody in the newspaper has caught on and realized it is perhaps not the best shape to have?

The penis-Top 15 Weirdest Office Buildings


You will find these pyramid shaped office buildings in Indianapolis where they are home to a number of different businesses that are based in and around the Indianapolis area. It is perhaps not a surprise to find out that they were initially designed in the 60s, but they have stood the tests of time pretty well with them still looking quite modern even to this day.

Pyramids-Top 15 Weirdest Office Buildings


This is an office building in Kaunus, Lithuania and it is the home for various companies with the building acting like a giant banknote office park. The shape of the building adds to the overall look and effect of the design, but it is the images on the windows that really does add to the idea of you sitting working inside some money.

Banknote-Top 15 Weirdest Office Buildings

12.The robot

This building is in Bangkok and it is the regional headquarters for the Bank of Asia in Thailand. As you can see it is unmistakably a robot and even though it is weird you cannot help but smile or laugh when you set eyes on it. The building is very well done and the architect has obviously been very clever in what they have done when creating the building and when you look at everything else around it you do see that it certainly stands out from the crowd.

The robot-Top 15 Weirdest Office Buildings

13.The shoe

This is a building that belongs to IMG and it is in Amsterdam. In one respect it looks futuristic, but on the other hand it does look a bit like a shiny shoe and this in itself is a bit concerning. The way in which it rests on those pillars at the bottom is quite clever, but whether it is a good building to look at is really up to you to decide.

The shoe-Top 15 Weirdest Office Buildings

14.The basket

This building is in Ohio and it is the headquarters of the Longaberger company and as you can see it is in the shape of a basket. There is no doubt that this building stands out from all others, but it does make sense for their office to look like this since it is the exact product that they make as a company. The building itself is very well designed and even though it is strange it does still work as a piece of architecture.

The basket-Top 15 Weirdest Office Buildings



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