Sports Which Are Boring To Play

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 1:35 pm
By:Tony Williams


Bowling is a sport that is not all that exciting but has a following. People who want something that is not so high impact and hard on the body, turn to bowling. It's more a game of aim and depth perception, than rugged force. It can get boring, unless you're winning.

Bowling-Sports Which Are Boring To Play


Wrestling is a sport that is very competitive and physical. It can also be boring to learn, as it's not as exciting as boxing. Most people get into the sport expecting that type of hoopla, but it's more a game of pinning someone and knowing the angles to get in and get them down on the mat, without letting them pin you.

Wrestling-Sports Which Are Boring To Play


Running is a very individual sport, unless you're on a track team. Long distance runners spend a lot of time in their own heads, pushing their bodies to keep going and using techniques to overcome the urge to quit. Sprinters have to practice sprinting over and over again to get the best time.

Running-Sports Which Are Boring To Play


Bicycling is a solo sport. It can get boring and also exhausting. You require a lot of stamina to be a competitive cyclist, and there is also a learning curve. Knowing how to take the curves, how to pace yourself, and being able to go the distance. It's a great sport for the legs.

Bicycling-Sports Which Are Boring To Play


Cricket is a lot like baseball, except the bats are flat instead of cylinder shaped. There are eleven players on the field, one being the pitcher. Just like in baseball the pitcher throws to the batters, who take turns going up at bat, trying to score by running to the opposite end of the pitch.

Cricket-Sports Which Are Boring To Play


Baseball is a much more quiet sport than many of the others out there. Watching it is worse than playing it, but for the players, there is a lot of waiting. If you're out in the outfield, you may not get a play your way during the entire game, and when you're team is up at bat, it's a lot of waiting to get your turn, if it ever comes.

Baseball-Sports Which Are Boring To Play


Curling is not the most exciting sport. As you slide a disc, it's nothing like hockey. It's at a slower pace and more like bocce. The drop out rate in curling is high as many newbies lose interest before they perfect the skill to be good enough to compete.

Curling-Sports Which Are Boring To Play


Rowing is a boring sport that many compete in during college. It's not all that exciting in that it's you and the sound of your oars in the water. Even though you are part of a team, it comes down to your contribution, your rhythm and your strength. It's not a cheerleading sport.

Rowing-Sports Which Are Boring To Play


Hunting is another waiting game. You scope out your prey, aim shoot and fire. However, sometimes you lay in wait, maybe for hours, waiting for the right moment to occur. Some hunters love the thrill of the chase, bringing everything back to basics, when it was hunt or be hunted.

Hunting-Sports Which Are Boring To Play


Golf is pretty boring, yet it is the number one sport for seniors. Low impact and with golf carts available, there is not much strain on the body. However, there are young athletes who compete at a high level in this sport. It's just not really all that exciting, even with a hole in one.

Golf-Sports Which Are Boring To Play


Fishing is really boring, unless you have someone with you. There are people who feel that it's therapeutic to be by themselves, one with nature, however, there's a lot of waiting, and more waiting. Even with another person, you mainly just wait. You wait for the fish to come to your line, you wait to hook them, you reel them in and wait for more.

Fishing-Sports Which Are Boring To Play

12.Figure Skating

Figure Skating can be really tedious to learn and requires a lot of practice. It looks beautiful to onlookers but can be boring to do, especially in the beginning. It's one of the sports that has the highest drop out rates in the first year, and even up to the five year mark.

Figure Skating-Sports Which Are Boring To Play



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