Richest Authors In The World

Thursday, Sep 17, 2020, 7:03 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Mary Higgins Clark

Mary is seen as being the queen of suspense and it has helped her to build up a personal fortune in the region of $110 million. Her books are loved by millions and as soon as a new one appeared people would flock to the bookstore just to pick one up in order to find out the land that she was taking them to this time.

Mary Higgins Clark-Richest Authors In The World

2.Dan Brown

Worth an estimated $120 million, Dan Brown was the man responsible for the DaVinci Code, one of the biggest selling books of all time and of course the basis for a superb film starring Tom Hanks. His writing style is quite clever and he certainly knows how to grab your attention and not let go of it and now when he produces a new book everybody sits up and takes notice.

Dan Brown-Richest Authors In The World

3.Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie is of course the author behind the Twilight series, so you can understand how she has quite quickly built up a fortune of $125 million. It does of course also mean that you know the genre she focuses on, but after you have had some success there would you not stick with the same genre yourself?

Stephenie Meyer-Richest Authors In The World

4.Dean Koontz

If you love suspense, then there is a good chance that you will have read a novel by Dean Koontz as he really is the best at this genre of novels. Dean has built up a personal fortune in the region of $145 million thanks to his novels and of course like so many of these top authors it keeps on growing as more and more people find out about them.

Dean Koontz-Richest Authors In The World

5.Nora Roberts

Nora is a real giant in the world of romance novels and indeed she has written over 200 of them at the last count. This has led to her building up a wealth in the region of $150 million, so clearly she is popular and people love to buy her books in order to get as much money as this.

Nora Roberts-Richest Authors In The World

6.Jackie Collins

Jackie was probably the most famous female author in the world until JK Rowling came along as she has been writing novels for decades and is well known for romance novels. Her stories may be all nice and cuddly, but they are certainly popular enough for her to generate a wealth in the region of $180 million, so she is not exactly struggling to pay her bills.

Jackie Collins-Richest Authors In The World

7.John Grisham

John Grisham really is a heavyweight when it comes to authors and you can easily claim to be one of the best when you have racked up sales to generate a personal wealth in the region of $200 million. John focuses on legal thrillers, but they are a lot more fun and interesting than the name probably suggests. His books have of course also been turned into movies or appeared on television, so that has undoubtedly helped boost his wealth quite considerably.

John Grisham-Richest Authors In The World

8.Tom Clancy

When it comes to a thriller, then is there anybody that is better at it than Tom Clancy? This is an author who is an absolute master at building up suspense in a book and taking you through the story in such a way that he grabs you and does not let go until he is ready. He has built up a fortune estimated at $300 million by doing this, so he is clearly doing something right.

Tom Clancy-Richest Authors In The World

9.James Patterson

With an estimated wealth of $310 million, James Patterson is clearly one of the most popular authors of all time in order to rack up sales that could result in him earning so much money. His books are always a literary event and he has fans all over the world who just wait on anything connected to him, but with his books continuing to sell obviously his wealth is just going to keep on growing.

James Patterson-Richest Authors In The World

10.Danielle Steel

Danielle is of course very well known for her books, but she has not only written some of adults to read, but also children as well although it is her romance novels that most people remember her for. She is now worth an estimated $375 million, so she has certainly done very well out of writing and ultimately she now just writes for fun rather than trying to make ends meet.

Danielle Steel-Richest Authors In The World

11.Stephen King

Stephen is one of the most well known, and well respected authors in the world and it has led to him building up a fortune that is estimated at $400 million. He has been responsible for countless bestsellers, his books have been turned into movies, and anything he produces is snapped up instantly making him one of the most popular authors in existence.

Stephen King-Richest Authors In The World

12.JK Rowling

JK Rowling is of course responsible for Harry Potter and it has resulted in her building up a fortune that is now estimated to be close to $1 billion. It is amazing to think that this woman made up the story to read to her children one night and it has led to this global phenomenon, but she has certainly kept a lot of children entertained for years.

JK Rowling-Richest Authors In The World



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