15 Mind Blowing Facts About Pokémon

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 6:49 am
By:Tony Williams

Pokémon is one of the biggest franchises in the world. The first Pokémon game was released nearly 20 years ago, but The Pokémon Company is still making more than $1.5 billion a year from the franchise. Most of us grew up collecting Pokémon cards, playing Pokémon games, and watching the TV shows. We still feel excited whenever we hear a new thing about Pokemon. Here are fifteen mind blowing facts about Pokémon. 
1.Shuckle Can Deal The Most Hits

Shuckle looks like a worm in a shell, but this Pokemon can dish out the most damage out of any Pokemon in existence. At level 100, Shuckle candeal 481,266,000 damage in just one single attack. Shuckle also has the top Base Defense and Special Defense stats, with both being at 230. 

Shuckle Can Deal The Most Hits-15 Mind Blowing Facts About Pokémon

2.Professors Named After Trees- Professor Oak

The Pokemon creators must be fascinated by trees. Professor Oak is the most popular teacher in the Pokemon series. However, there's also Professor Birch, Professor Elm, Professor Rowan and Professor Aragari. What do all of these teachers have in common? They're all named after trees. In fact, all of the Pokemon professors have tree names. -

Professors Named After Trees- Professor Oak-15 Mind Blowing Facts About Pokémon

3.Ash Has Not Caught All the Pokemon

Pokemon's signature phrase is "Gotta Catch Em All!" but sadly Ash Ketchum has failed to accomplish this task. Ash has been seen as a 'Pokemon Master' but he has only caught 40 out of the 649 Pokemon creatures in the Pokemon realm. He's also slightly dimwitted, which could be due to the fact that he's been 10-years-old since the series began. Meanwhile the Pokemons he's been catching have been aging over time. -

Ash Has Not Caught All the Pokemon-15 Mind Blowing Facts About Pokémon

4.Banned Pokemon Episodes

Pokemon is one of the longest-running animated television series to-date. Since Pokemon's debut in 1997, several episodes of the show have been censored, banned or pulled from rotation altogether. Some of these episodes include "Electric Soldier Porygon," "Beauty and the Beach," "The Legend of Dratini," and "The Ice Cave"-which features the original Jynx with Blackface.

Banned Pokemon Episodes-15 Mind Blowing Facts About Pokémon

5.Pokemon Infected with Pokerus

Even Pokemon characters can get sick. Pokerus is a tiny life-form that attaches itself to Pokemon. Infected Pokemon can pass it on to other Pokemons in your party. Pokerus cannot be treated at a Pokemon Center or with any status illness-healing item. The good news is a Pokemon can only become infected with the disease only once. If only the common cold could take a page out of Pokerus' book. -

Pokemon Infected with Pokerus-15 Mind Blowing Facts About Pokémon

6.Charizard and Rhyhorn

Charizard and Rhyhorn have no relation to one another in the Pokemon games, but Nintendo got lazy with their cries. If you listen to both creatures closely, they both have the same exact cry. Charizard is the more popular of the two; and he holds the title of being the first Pokemon to appear in the Japanese version of the Pokemon anime.

Charizard and Rhyhorn-15 Mind Blowing Facts About Pokémon

7.Original Pikachu

Pikachu has evolved drastically since Pokemon hit the scene. In 1996, during Pokemon'sBeta phase, Pikachu originally had a dark patch on his stomach and was a lot chubbier. He was also much shorter and not as physically cute.The creators changed his overall look to make him cooler to work with in the anime series. -

Original Pikachu-15 Mind Blowing Facts About Pokémon

8.Machamp is Slow

Machamp isn't much of a champion. Machamp is ananthropoid Pokemon with four muscled arms. He's one of the most athlete-looking Pokemon in the series, but looks aren't always what they're cracked up to be. This Pokemoncan throw approximately 1,000 punches in just two seconds. But even with this kind of mobility, Machamp Is in the bottom 50% on speed numbers. -

Machamp is Slow-15 Mind Blowing Facts About Pokémon

9.Original Jynx Vs. New Jynx

Pokemon fans recognize Jynx as a hideous creature with a purple face and hands. The original Jnyx originally had a black face with blue hands; or rather blue gloves. Nintendo was forced to go back and edit the character after receiving several complaints from gamers. Many felt that the original design closely resembled Blackface and other Black stereotypes.

Original Jynx Vs. New Jynx-15 Mind Blowing Facts About Pokémon

10.Nintendo Sued for Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam

Talk about being unoriginal. Nintendo thought it would be a bright idea to name three of its Pokemon creatures; Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam. In 2000, a magician-psychic named Uri Gellertried to sue Nintendofor $100 million for using those famed 'magic words.'The lawsuit was later thrown out of court. Too bad these Pokemon weren't thrown out as well. -

Nintendo Sued for Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam-15 Mind Blowing Facts About Pokémon

11.Clefairy WasOriginally Ash's Sidekick

When you think of Ash, you automatically picture him with Pikachu by his side. What some people don't realize is that when Pokemon, the show, was first being put together, Ash was originally supposed to have Clefairy by his side. The creators decided to switch Clefairy out at the last minute with Pikachu. They're both equally annoying, so it probably wouldn't have made much of a difference. -

Clefairy WasOriginally Ash's Sidekick-15 Mind Blowing Facts About Pokémon


The Pokemon Magneton (which looks like three huge eyeballs with bolts) is made up of three Magnemites, but it weighs 10 times more. This Pokemon formed as a result of three Magnemites being connected together by a powerful magnetic force. Magnemite typically weighs 13.2 pounds, but Magneton weighs 132 pounds. -

Magneton-15 Mind Blowing Facts About Pokémon

13.Ekans And Arbok

There are approximately a dozen Pokémon that are snake-like. Ekans and Arbok are two of the most popular snake Pokémon. Have you ever found their names interesting? If not, you will find them interesting now. Ekans spells 'snake' backwards, and Arbok spells 'Kobra'!

Ekans And Arbok -15 Mind Blowing Facts About Pokémon

14.There Are 4 Billion Types Of Spindas

Spindas look cute, although they aren't as popular as some other Pokémon. A Spinda is a combination of panda and bunny. Every Spinda has a unique pattern. There are 4 billion types of Spindas. There is also this special shiny Spinda, which is very hard to discover.

There Are 4 Billion Types Of Spindas -15 Mind Blowing Facts About Pokémon

15.Meowth And Pikachu

Meowth and Pikachu are like Tom and Jerry of Pokémon franchise. Pikachu is a mouse Pokémon, and Meowth is a cat Pokémon. Pikachu's pokedex number is 25, and the Meowth pokedex number is 52. Their numbers too are quite opposite (25 x 52) like their nature! 

Meowth And Pikachu-15 Mind Blowing Facts About Pokémon



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