News Stories That Would Break The Internet If True

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 3:12 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.If Candy Crush Saga Was No More

Candy Crush Saga has become one of the most popular games in the world. There are more than 40 million people playing the game on Facebook. It is the fourth most popular free app and the highest grossing app in the Google Play store. The addictive game generates more than $600,000 a day. Every Facebook user has been hit with a friend asking for lives or help with the game. But what if Candy Crush no longer existed? If the game ever shut down, people would probably throw themselves off buildings or actually do their jobs at work for a change.

If Candy Crush Saga Was No More-News Stories That Would Break The Internet If True

2.If Tom Cruise or John Travolta Came Out the Closet

There are a lot of celebrities who hide in the closet and die with the secret of who they really are. Tom Cruise and John Travolta have had gay rumors follow them for the majority of their careers. The entire universe would explode if these two men ever verified that the rumors were indeed the truth. Even though Cruise has been married and Travolta is still married to wife Kelly Preston, onlookers do not believe that either one is heterosexual. In fact, since they're both Scientologists several people believe that the church has helped them keep their true sexual identities a secret from the public.

If Tom Cruise or John Travolta Came Out the Closet-News Stories That Would Break The Internet If True

3.If Hilary Clinton Became President

Though she has not confirmed her run for presidency, Hilary Clinton is believed to be throwing her hat into the ring for the 2016 presidential election. The former first lady could have been president long ago, but President Obama stole the Democratic nomination. Obama made history as the first African American president, but he's still a man. Clinton would make history if she won the white house in more ways than one. She would be the first female president, the first spouse of a former president to take the presidency, and she would be one of the oldest sitting. Clinton is currently 65-years-old and would be 68-years-old at the time of her inauguration.

If Hilary Clinton Became President-News Stories That Would Break The Internet If True

4.It Y2K Really Happened

In 1999, the media made a huge deal out of Y2K - a bug that was supposed to result in records being wiped out due to computer programs storing years with only two decimal digits. For months leading up to the year 2000, people were frantic about the possibility of losing their information. As the clock struck 12:00 on January 1, 2000 and everything remained as it should, people went back to leading their normal lives. But what if there's an unexpected glitch in the system and a concept close to Y2K takes place sporadically? People have become so reliant on technology that all of their information would not be accessible if a form of Y2K really took place.

It Y2K Really Happened-News Stories That Would Break The Internet If True

5.If Beyonce died

Beyonce has become one of the most popular artists of our time. If Beyonce cuts her hair, has a baby or even sneezes; her fans go crazy with excitement. Her fans (The Beyhive as they like to call themselves) are so devoted to the singer that they refer to her as Beysus, which is a combination of Bey and Jesus. Some of her fans are so obsessed that they threaten anyone who dares to criticize Beyonce. With such unstable and borderline psychotic fans, there's no telling what they'd do if her death was announced.

If Beyonce died-News Stories That Would Break The Internet If True

6.If Michael Jackson Wasn't Really dead

In 2009, news of Michael Jackson's death broke the internet, so there's no telling what his 'resurrection' could do. Jackson's death even caused Twitter to crash, as fans were constantly trying to update their status messages about the singer. Fans and conspiracy theorists around the globe still believe the King of Pop is alive. Some have even created YouTube channels, social networking groups, forums, videos and websites dedicated to supplying photos and other information they feel prove their theories. If Jackson's death could cause such uproar, his re-appearance would cause the internet to implode.

If Michael Jackson Wasn't Really dead-News Stories That Would Break The Internet If True

7.If The President Was Assassinated

In U.S. history, there have been four successful presidential assassinations, with the last being President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Since then, there have been numerous attempts and plots to kill sitting presidents. With the amount of secret servicemen the president has, it would be shocking for a successful assassination to take place in this day and age. However, if the president was assassinated, the protocol would be for the vice president to step up to the plate. Not only would Americans be feverishly seeking information, but they'd be booking plane tickets to live in another country; because if Joe Biden becomes president, the U.S. will never be the same.

If The President Was Assassinated-News Stories That Would Break The Internet If True

8.If An Asteroid Was About to Hit The Earth

For years we've heard experts say that an asteroid will hit and destroy the earth, but the expected date seems to be light years away. Scientists don't know everything and could very well be wrong. If the media announced that an asteroid was racing towards the earth and we only had days to live, there would be mayhem across the board. Instead of using resources right in front of them, people would run right to the internet to find some inconceivable way to save themselves, or learn how to build a fall-out shelter. Some might even try to Google ways to escape to Mars or Jupiter.

If An Asteroid Was About to Hit The Earth-News Stories That Would Break The Internet If True

9.If Armageddon Happens

Every time there is something amiss in the world, people say that it's a sign of the end times. Armageddon (not to be confused with the movie) refers to the site of battle during end times, where God will return to fight the anti-christ and the devil. This is a concept believed by many Christians and religiousfolk. According to Christian beliefs, just before Armageddon takes place, humans will be raptured; meaning that some will be left behind while others will descend into heaven. If Armageddon does happen, the internet will be the first place people attempt to go to get information before the earth is demolished.

If Armageddon Happens-News Stories That Would Break The Internet If True

10.If WW III Began

World War II ended in 1945 and since then, many have wondered if (or when) another world war would take place. Tensions have risen and fallen between various nations in the world for years. Just a few months ago North Korea was tossing around several threats at the United States. So far, the nations of the world have been able to come to amicable agreements, but there's always the possibility that one day one country or nation won't be so willing to chat. The topic of World War III has always lingered in the minds of many, so if something of that magnitude does happen, the internet would be in a frenzy.

If WW III Began-News Stories That Would Break The Internet If True

11.If Queen Elizabeth II dies

Queen Elizabeth II is a national treasure; she also seems to be a vampire. Her son Prince Charles has been anxiously awaiting his turn on the throne, but the 87-year-old queen keeps on ticking. If she should ever pass away, her name would be the most searched term on all the major search engines for months.

If Queen Elizabeth II dies-News Stories That Would Break The Internet If True

12.If Chris Brown and Rihanna Got Married

Chris Brown and Rihanna had one of the most followed relationships in Hollywood. Every time these two makeup and breakup, their fans take over the various social networking sites to express their opinion. They're on-again, off-again relationship is exhausting, but the public loves it. If these two ever windup back together and married, the internet would move slower than molasses from all the people trying to get online to find information on the nuptials. Their love story would be cute if they weren't as toxic as Ike and Tina together.

If Chris Brown and Rihanna Got Married-News Stories That Would Break The Internet If True



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