Most Impressive Photos Of Our Universe

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 8:55 am
By:Tony Williams

1.The sun

We all know what the sun looks like, but this image shows what is called magnetic loops on its surface. They have had to enhance the picture in order to make it clearer, but the overall effect is one that is seriously cool and you cannot help but be amazed at what is going on with our sun.

The sun-Most Impressive Photos Of Our Universe


This is actually on the north pole of Saturn, but you have to admit that it looks both cool and freaky in equal measure. The color itself has been enhanced slightly in order to make it look even more dramatic, but it just shows you how volatile the other planets are out there and makes you glad that we are on Earth.

Saturn-Most Impressive Photos Of Our Universe

3.Eskimo nebula

How cool is this image? It shows something called the Eskimo nebula and it does actually exist even though it looks as if this is something that somebody will have drawn. Apparently this is 4,000 light years away from us, so that is a bit further than you can probably imagine.

Eskimo nebula-Most Impressive Photos Of Our Universe

4.Cosmic caterpillar

This was captured by the Hubble telescope and you can see why it has been referred to as a cosmic caterpillar. The thing you see is apparently 6 trillion miles long and it just shows the absolute vastness of the universe when it appears to be so small.

Cosmic caterpillar-Most Impressive Photos Of Our Universe


This is yet another galaxy in our universe and at first you would think that it was a tornado from the top. However, you have to just think about what is going on inside of here and you just feel as if there is so much energy in this galaxy just waiting to be released.

Galaxy-Most Impressive Photos Of Our Universe

6.The color blue

We might look up at the sky at night and just see black, but what this shows is that there are a range of colors in the universe and when they are all together like this it does look rather spectacular. Once again you just feel drawn in by the sun in the middle, but just look at what is going on around it and love the view.

The color blue-Most Impressive Photos Of Our Universe

7.Deep space

You have to admit that this is seriously cool and at first it looks as if it is actually some kind of painting. However, this is part of deep space and the outcome is that all of this is real and does it not make you feel like just exploring what is inside that red part?

Deep space-Most Impressive Photos Of Our Universe

8.A new portal?

This is an image that was taken by NASA and it just makes you wonder what is going on in the distance. The red color is also pretty amazing, but the bright star, or is it a sun, in the distance just draws you into this massive hole in the universe.

A new portal?-Most Impressive Photos Of Our Universe

9.Colliding galaxies

What this photograph shows is the moment when two galaxies collide and as you can see there is a burst of energy and color going on. Of course this happens so far away that it completely passes us by, but that is not to say that it may not affect us at some point.

Colliding galaxies-Most Impressive Photos Of Our Universe

10.Galaxy cluster

There is so much going on in this image that it is difficult to know where to begin. This actually shows a cluster of different galaxies and it is pretty cool to think that we are probably in there, somewhere. This lets you see how vast the entire universe is and it is pretty cool to look at as well.

Galaxy cluster-Most Impressive Photos Of Our Universe

11.Northern Lights

This is something that you can see from parts of earth and they are called the Northern Lights. It really is amazing getting this light show and there really is nothing else like it around, so if you are in an area where this is possible, then get yourself out there and experience it.

Northern Lights-Most Impressive Photos Of Our Universe


Even if you have absolutely no idea as to what is going on you cannot help but look at this photo and just be amazed by what you see. This is looking into deep space and it just shows you what is actually out there and that we are such a small part in all of this.

Spectacular-Most Impressive Photos Of Our Universe



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