Most Hated People On The Internet

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 4:22 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Dr Michele Koo

This may be a strange one, but this plastic surgeon did manage to enrage so many women because she posted photographs before and after their surgery to enhance their boobs as well as all of their personal details. Just what on earth was she thinking?

Dr Michele Koo-Most Hated People On The Internet

2.Amanda Bynes

This star has been having what appears to be quite a public breakdown on Twitter for some time now and she has built a reputation of just being capable of insulting and abusing anybody in the world. She attacks anybody even when they have done nothing and it has certainly not helped the status of her career either.

Amanda Bynes-Most Hated People On The Internet

3.Sean Duffy

This guy has just been picked as one of the most hated, but in actual fact he is representing a trend that is sick and anybody doing it deserves everything that is coming to them. The trend is to hijack memorial pages, especially those of babies that have died, and post sick things on there. You can understand the rage, but in this guys case he did end up going to jail as a result of his actions.

Sean Duffy-Most Hated People On The Internet

4.Ann Coulter

This conservative is hated because of the way in which she will always use rather crude and insensitive things in order to put across her very own agenda. She is always abusive, derogatory, and insults anybody she can think of, but of course when the tables are turned she is unable to cope.

Ann Coulter-Most Hated People On The Internet

5.Matt Forney

This guy is a blogger, so you are never sure if he is posting his genuine opinion or if he is trolling, but he quickly became one of the most hated men on the Internet due to a post he made about self-esteem in women. Basically, some feminists wanted him killed and a number of horrible things done to him just because of his post, so who is actually worse here?

Matt Forney-Most Hated People On The Internet

6.Mary Snell

This woman quickly became hated along with her son because they posted a video of them with a new puppy wrapped up in a bag. Of course this was animal cruelty and their claims that they were trying to show its size were quickly shot down. People also reacted with fury at the image and they were then on the receiving end of a lot of abuse.

Mary Snell-Most Hated People On The Internet

7.Pamela Foreman

This idiot caused so much rage when she put a video online whereby she celebrated the terrible earthquake that happened in Japan in 2011. She was actually over the moon at it having happened and started going on about how good God is, but that happy mood did then turn to horror when her personal details were leaked and she quickly claimed it was just a joke.

Pamela Foreman-Most Hated People On The Internet

8.Taylor Chapman

Now not only is she one of the most hated people on the Internet, but she has to also be one of the most stupid. Basically, she went into Dunkin Donuts and filmed herself complaining about something trivial. However, she quickly slipped into swearing a lot as well as being racist and bullying the staff. She was then guilty of posting it online and was quickly on the end of a hate campaign directed towards her.

Taylor Chapman-Most Hated People On The Internet


There was a rather disturbing video on YouTube that went viral whereby a bus monitor, who was in her 60s, was bullied by a group of 7th graders. The abuse she received was so vile that is reduced her to tears including going on about family members killing themselves to get away from her. After the identities of the bullies became known it ended up with them receiving death threats along with demands for action to be taken.

Bullies-Most Hated People On The Internet

10.Melissa Bachman

The reason why this woman became so hated on the Internet was because of going hunting in South Africa. It was not the fact that she went hunting itself, but more to do with the way in which she posted pictures of her kills online along with the biggest gleaming smile you have ever seen in your life. Her boasts about it also did not help her cause in any way whatsoever.

Melissa Bachman-Most Hated People On The Internet

11.Noel Biderman

The reason why this guy is hated is because he was the guy behind a website that was selling infidelity online. It was obvious that he did not really care for the vows that people take when getting married, but in his eyes he was just offering people the vehicle to do something that they had already decided to do.

Noel Biderman-Most Hated People On The Internet

12.Hunter Moore

This guy was behind a revenge site on the Internet and it offered people the chance to basically destroy the life of somebody that they were once close to. They were allowed to put up intimate pictures of their ex and make sure that people saw them online to embarrass them. No wonder he was hated.

Hunter Moore-Most Hated People On The Internet



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