Most Inappropriate Product Names

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 7:37 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Negro Steel Wool

Negro Steel Wool may seem like a blatantly racist name, but the product is manufactured by Oscar Weil, a German-Jewish family. Apparently, this family was disowned by the Nazi's during the war, but the company was given back to them when the war ended. An Arab company imports the product to Lebanon.

Negro Steel Wool-Most Inappropriate Product Names

2.Grace Cock Flavoured Soup Mix

Get your minds out of the gutter. A cock is a male chicken, and this is chicken broth mix. It can be used as a base for your own soup, or as a broth itself. Made in Jamaica, the use of the word cock doesn't have the same meaning as it does here.

Grace Cock Flavoured Soup Mix-Most Inappropriate Product Names

3.Golden Gaytime Ice Cream

An ice cream that's popular in Australia, Golden Gaytime is still going strong thirty years later. Maybe they didn't realize the homosexual connotations related to their name back then, but they still managed to sell ice cream and stick around. Now they play it up even more, making fun of themselves.

Golden Gaytime Ice Cream-Most Inappropriate Product Names

4.Pee Cola

Pee Cola is a soft drink made and sold in Accra, Ghana. Pee must not mean the same thing there as it does here in America, because the brand is thriving, and the Pee Cola Company has no plans to change its name. Lucky for them the drink is cola colors and not yellow.

Pee Cola-Most Inappropriate Product Names

5.Vergina Beer

Vergina Beer is a real beer that always get a few laughs here in America, especially their Vergina Red brand. Made in Komotini, Greece, the name doesn't translate well, but the brand has done well for itself either way. Their premium lager is a Pilsen malt mixed with a caramel malt for a rich taste.

Vergina Beer-Most Inappropriate Product Names

6.Ayds Fat Reducing Candy

Ayds Reducing Plan Candy was made in the early '80's before AIDS became a worldwide epidemic. Since the name existed before we even heard of the word AIDS, did they change it after people became ill with the dreaded disease. No. Since it has a "y" in it, I guess they figured it was different enough.

Ayds Fat Reducing Candy-Most Inappropriate Product Names

7.Megapussi Chips

Megapussi not the actual name of this product, but is meant to tell the consumer that this is a "mega bag" of chips. It is the Finnish translation of the word that to us English speakers is funny. A hilarious joke for anyone who stumbles upon them and reads the front of the bag.

Megapussi Chips-Most Inappropriate Product Names

8.Chateau D'Arse Wine

Despite it's name, Fitou is a small village close to the Mediterranean coast in the heart of France. The translation of the name is exactly as you think it means, however, this doesn't bother the company. They are very popular in France despite a lot of American's taking pictures with the bottles for Instagram.

Chateau D'Arse Wine-Most Inappropriate Product Names

9.Jussipussi Bread

Another product from Finland where the name just doesn't translate well in English. Sources say that the bread is actually quite dry, but its name would have you believe it's quite moist. Jussipussi is the name of the company, and for all those who would like to know the translation, pussi means bag in Finnish.

Jussipussi Bread-Most Inappropriate Product Names

10.Wack Off Insect Repellent

This Australian company really wasn't thinking in English terms when they named their product. Even though English is their native product, they named their product Wack Off. Marketing the insect repellent as being topical strength and water resistant as well as a favorite for the armed forces doesn't help their case.

Wack Off Insect Repellent-Most Inappropriate Product Names!tto Sauce

A product from Ghana, sh!tto is a sauce that taste nothing like the word connotes. Made from smoked dried fish, dried shrimp powder, dried pepper and a variety of seasonings, such as onion, garlic, ginger and tomatoes, it is very popular in West Africa. They do speak English there, but it doesn't seem to matter what the name is, they like the taste.

sh!tto Sauce-Most Inappropriate Product Names

12.Heinz Spotted Dick Sponge Pudding

Funny as it sounds, Spotted Dick is a cake, popular in Britain, that has dried fruit that resembles spots, and is typically served with custard. So where did the word "dick" come from? It is hypothesized that it comes from a contraction of the word pudding, the last syllable, but that's ding, not dick.

Heinz Spotted Dick Sponge Pudding-Most Inappropriate Product Names



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