15 Things You Don't Know About Miley Cyrus

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 4:07 pm
By:Tony Williams

Miley Ray Cyrus is a highly-popular American singer, song writer, and actor. She is one of the top pop stars in the world. She belongs to a socially prominent family. She is the daughter of another popular American singer Billy Ray Cyrus. Her paternal grandfather Ron Cyrus was a well-known American politician. Thanks to Disney's Hannah Montana TV series, she became very popular throughout the world playing 'Miley Stewart' role. The show made her so famous that she changed her birth name Destiny Hope Cyrus to Miley Cyrus. Her parents and family members used to call her 'Smiley' when she was a baby. Her name Miley came from her childhood nickname Smiley. Sounds interesting, right? Do you want to read more such interesting facts about Miley Cyrus? Go on, and read these fifteen interesting facts. 

Did you know that before she became famous she was actually in a cheerleader squad? We do not know how good or bad she was at it, although she will say that she was amazing, but at least she was already used to performing in front of a crowd even if it was a world away from what she is doing right now with all of the sexual provocation.

Cheerleader-15 Things You Don't Know About Miley Cyrus


Miley does appear to like being ready for all eventualities and that is why she is rumored to travel around with her own little first-aid kit all of the time. In it she has various medicines and bandages to help keep her healthy, but surely with the amount of money that she has it would mean that she could get any medicine whenever she wanted?

Pharmacy-15 Things You Don't Know About Miley Cyrus


This is different now, but when she was a child star her parents made sure her feet were kept on the ground by getting her to wash dishes and various chores around the home. She may have been earning an absolute fortune from an early age, but that did not mean that she was not expected to get her hands dirty, so perhaps that is a lesson for any children that believe they should not be doing anything around the home.

Housework-15 Things You Don't Know About Miley Cyrus


Apparently Miley loves doing pilates and she does it at a normal class, well as normal as she can be, in West Hollywood. There is no doubt that it does help her to keep her figure and keep her fit and as you can see it does indeed work. It is also nice to see that she does appear to just be wearing normal gym clothes like most normal people actually do.

Pilates-15 Things You Don't Know About Miley Cyrus

5.The Queen

She has actually met the Queen of England, but apparently was more excited at meeting Lady Gaga instead. This was in London and she does appear to have forgot about the curtsey that you are supposed to do and instead has gone for the straightforward shaking of the hand. At least she looks respectable as the Queen would not be a fan of her twerking.

The Queen-15 Things You Don't Know About Miley Cyrus


This may sound strange, but when she met Liam Hemsworth and had a crush on him she was actually too nervous to go up to him herself in order to find out if he liked her. Instead, she paid a co-star a measly $10 to go and find out if he did. Considering how much she is worth surely it would have been better to pay them more than that?

Nervous-15 Things You Don't Know About Miley Cyrus


Miley loves tattoos and at the last count she has 14 of them, but you just know that the number will rise over the next few years. She started off getting them when she was just 17 and even though they may be small in size they are certainly adding up in numbers. She does appear to be very careful as to what she gets done with them and at least at this point they are not too graphic in nature.

Tattoos-15 Things You Don't Know About Miley Cyrus



Ok this is a bad image, but it is actually taken from her own Youtube channel that she set up with one of her friends in 2008. The channel was just full of silly videos showing her dancing around and just acting like a teenager, but the fact it was done when she was just scaling the heights of her fame is quite a cool thing even though it only lasted for just over 30 videos before she stopped doing it.

Youtube-15 Things You Don't Know About Miley Cyrus


She may look as if she is a fine picture of health, but in actual fact she does have a heart condition called tachycardia, which means her heart can beat a bit faster. This is not something that is actually serious and people see it more as being annoying rather than anything else, but it will not cause her any problems and she is not at risk of suddenly dropping due to it.

Heart-15 Things You Don't Know About Miley Cyrus


10.Not Miley

Her legal name now is Miley, but she was actually called Destiny Hope and Miley was the name derived from her childhood nickname 'smiley'. However, she preferred to be called by that and when she was a teenager she legally changed her name and you have to admit that it does sound a bit better than her birth name and you cannot see her being as big a star with it.

Not Miley-15 Things You Don't Know About Miley Cyrus

11.Poor dad

As a teenager she was already richer than her dad and he is not exactly scraping around in the bargain bucket. She was once reported to have managed to earn $54 million in a single year as a teenager and of course that net worth is only going to continue to increase unless her wacky behavior starts to backfire.

Poor dad-15 Things You Don't Know About Miley Cyrus


Her godmother is that Queen of country music, Dolly Parton and you wonder what she is thinking about all of the controversy surrounding Miley right now. It does make sense that somebody such as this is her godmother due to her father, but for some reason it still comes across as a strange blend.

Godmother-15 Things You Don't Know About Miley Cyrus

13.She Was Auditioned For Lilly Truscott Role

When Miley Cyrus was 11 years old, she sent an audition tape to Hannah Montana producers hoping to get Hanna Montana's friend Lilly Truscott role. The producers asked her to audition for the lead character instead. After a series of auditions, she received an offer to play the lead role. 

She Was Auditioned For Lilly Truscott Role-15 Things You Don't Know About Miley Cyrus

14.Miley Cyrus' First Major Controversy

She has been creating a lot of controversies of late with her music and stage performances. She wasn't really a controversial star when she was playing Hanna Montana role. However, there were a few incidents in the past that caused an uproar as well. Did you know what Miley Cyrus' first major controversy was? She posed for Vanity Fair, wrapped in a bed sheet. Many people didn't like the photo saying it was too provocative. Remember, she was only fifteen then! 

Miley Cyrus' First Major Controversy-15 Things You Don't Know About Miley Cyrus

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15.Dr. Luke Bought Miley Cyrus $10,000 Toilet

Famous record producer Dr. Luke lost a bet with Miley Cyrus and bought her a $10,000 toilet! Do you know what the bet was all about? Miley Cyrus told Dr. Luke that 'Wrecking Ball' song would reach no one position on the Billboard. Dr. Luke said it would not. As a bet prize, she asked him to buy her a $10000 luxury toilet. Dr. Luke lost the bet, and he bought her the pricey toilet!

Dr. Luke Bought Miley Cyrus ,000 Toilet -15 Things You Don't Know About Miley Cyrus



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