Life In North Korean Prison Camps

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 5:12 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Minor mistakes

A minor mistake can lead to serious punishment such as dropping something and having your finger chopped off as a result. There are apparently a whole host of punishments for minor incidents, but it is up to the guard to decide which one best fits the apparent crime.

Minor mistakes-Life In North Korean Prison Camps


Being pregnant is forbidden and there are reports that women have been forced to drown their baby as soon as they are born. The only way that getting pregnant is allowed is if the guards arrange things in the first place such as a marriage or a guard gets them pregnant.

Murder-Life In North Korean Prison Camps

3.Fed to dogs

People have been known to be fed to dogs as a way of torture until they die from their injuries as medical care is non-existent. Of course this can then be done with other people being forced to watch in order to teach them that they need to obey orders or the same fate awaits them.

Fed to dogs-Life In North Korean Prison Camps

4.Left to die

Reports state that when they wanted to close a camp down the authorities just allowed 20,000 people to die as a result. This may sound shocking at first, but considering everything else that is going on it should not come as a surprise that it did happen in the first place.

Left to die-Life In North Korean Prison Camps


A prisoner will have their category changed as their health deteriorates. It is unknown as to how many categories there are in the camps, but you can imagine set areas where people are just waiting to die and know that they are close to death.

Category-Life In North Korean Prison Camps

6.Pregnant women

Pregnant women are also tortured with some dying as a result. One game is to apparently get them to mimic the hands of a clock and to continue to do so until they collapse either through exhaustion or dehydration.

Pregnant women-Life In North Korean Prison Camps


Some guards have been known to torture people just to give themselves something to do and indeed some see it as a great source of amusement. They do this in a variety of ways and indeed they have been known to dream up new methods as part of their entertainment.

Torture-Life In North Korean Prison Camps


People are given next to nothing to eat as starvation is supposed to make them repent, but in actual fact most have to eat insects or rats just to try to survive. They will be given a small amount of gruel, but be expected to still work in slave labor.

Food-Life In North Korean Prison Camps


If you attempt to escape or even are suspected of planning to escape then you are executed and everybody else in there is forced to watch. This is to act as a deterrent to others and to scare them into just staying there for what can often be the rest of their life.

Escaping-Life In North Korean Prison Camps

10.Ways to die

Up to one in four people there die every single year due to exhaustion, torture, starving to death, or disease. It is unknown as to which one is the most common way to die, but there is no doubt that one in four is a high percentage.

Ways to die-Life In North Korean Prison Camps


400,000 people have estimated to have died in the camps according to the UN although once again the figure is likely to be much higher. There are no official figures kept, so people have to estimate how many are in camps and the percentage that would die.

deaths-Life In North Korean Prison Camps


200,000 people are imprisoned in them at this moment in time although that is just an estimate as no official figures exist. There is a strong belief that this figure could be a lot higher as there is a percentage of the population that is basically just missing.

Population-Life In North Korean Prison Camps



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