How To Deal With Lazy People

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 6:29 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Realize It's Their Problem Not yours

When all else fails, realize that it's their problem not yours. You can't fix laziness, just how you respond to it. You can help, but you can't do it for them. They have to find the motivation within themselves to want to succeed. It is up to them to feel accomplishment for their jobs well done.

Realize It's Their Problem Not yours-How To Deal With Lazy People

2.Reward Them For Tasks Completed

Give rewards for good performance. The more they see that their work leads to better things, the more they will want to do it. It's kind of like training a dog with treats. They know if they sit, they get a treat, and soon they sit on command without the treat.

Reward Them For Tasks Completed-How To Deal With Lazy People

3.Let Them Fail

Sometimes failure is the best teacher. Let them fail and pick up the pieces. It will be a lesson learned and they will also find out that they only have themselves to blame. Stepping in between a lazy person and their work, only puts you in line of fire when something goes wrong.

Let Them Fail-How To Deal With Lazy People

4.Offer Assistance Only For Obstacles

If you want to help a lazy person, they can easily manipulate you into doing the entire job. Help them only with the obstacles not everything else. Let them try for a while to problem solve on their own before stepping in to help. Your goal is to teach them to do for themselves.

Offer Assistance Only For Obstacles-How To Deal With Lazy People

5.Don't Cover For Them

Stop covering for a lazy co-worker or family member. Let the authority figure involved go after them not you. As long as you play interference between them and the boss, they will allow you to do so and continue their bad behavior. Hold them accountable and have them face the music.

Don't Cover For Them-How To Deal With Lazy People

6.Explain That You Won't Be Picking Up Slack

If you can explain to a lazy person that you won't be able to pick up their slack anymore, they might just say they don't care, but when dishes pile up, or work piles up, they won't be so happy about it. Let them deal with feeling uncomfortable in a dirty house, or work environment.

Explain That You Won't Be Picking Up Slack-How To Deal With Lazy People

7.Don't Be Confrontational

Confronting a lazy person with anger will only make them shut down. If you feel angry, take a breathe and count to ten. When you approach them be calm and polite. Do not attack them or their behavior, but rather tell them how they can help you to help them.

Don't Be Confrontational-How To Deal With Lazy People

8.Help Them Prioritize

Help a lazy person prioritize. Often times a lazy person will take the easy way out, taking on the easiest projects and putting off the more difficult. Help them to prioritize their work, even if what needs to be done first is harder. It can really help them to begin to organize their workload.

Help Them Prioritize-How To Deal With Lazy People

9.Assign Them Tasks

Help them out by assigning them tasks. Often a lazy or de-motivated person is overwhelmed by the many things they have to do. If you can break it down, assigning them a new task only after they completed the prior task, you can help them to complete assignments and take on more work.

Assign Them Tasks-How To Deal With Lazy People

10.Explain How It Affects Your Life

Sit down and have a talk with your lazy friend, family member or co-worker. Tell them that their behavior is not only hurting them and preventing them from succeeding in life, but that it is hurting you. Most people do not want to hurt someone else with their problem.

Explain How It Affects Your Life-How To Deal With Lazy People

11.Praise Them For What They're Good At

A great way to help motivate a lazy person is to praise them for what they actually do well. Often times a lazy person thinks they are not good at what they do and they feel insecure. If you can boost their self esteem, they will try harder and do more, lessening the burden on you.

Praise Them For What They're Good At-How To Deal With Lazy People

12.Don't Take On Their Work

Taking on a lazy person's workload does not help you or them. If someone is being lazy and is not contributing, they will keep dumping their work on you if you allow it. Simply refuse the added workload and point out politely why you are unable to help them out.

Don't Take On Their Work-How To Deal With Lazy People



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