Hilarious Animal Photo Bomb

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 9:26 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Even Bears Do It

Everyone likes to pose in front of the animals when they go to the zoo, but animals have needs too. Since they don't have their own home like you do, or a private bedroom, they have to take care of business when and where they can. These two bears needed to get to, not caring that you wanted your photo taken.

Even Bears Do It-Hilarious Animal Photo Bomb

2.Sneaking Up On You

This would be the perfect picture of this beautiful dog. He looks so serene as he poses on the all wood deck, his paws sprawled before him, and his ears up. He must have done this before. However, probably not with a cat sneaking up in the back of him.

Sneaking Up On You-Hilarious Animal Photo Bomb

3.It's Not All About The Baby

Looks like this little doggie is a little jealous of the new baby. With everyone gushing about him and making those squealing noises, the dog can't help but remember that it used to be him that everyone got excited to see and he was the one they wanted to hold. Taking his chance to get into one picture, he photo bombs.

It's Not All About The Baby-Hilarious Animal Photo Bomb

4.Pigeons, We Rule

This pigeon didn't care that someone was taking a picture, he's going to fly where he's going to fly. Perfect timing though, as this guy had his picture taken and the bird was directly in front of his face. They couldn't have planned it better if they tried. Sometimes nature is perfect.

Pigeons, We Rule-Hilarious Animal Photo Bomb

5.Those Are My Babies

Ostriches are naturally curious, but also a little scary looking, with their long necks and beaks that are almost bigger than their heads. Maybe this girl is holding the mother Ostrich's eggs, and she popped up to say, "not with my babies you don't." Would you want to tussle with a bird that big?

Those Are My Babies-Hilarious Animal Photo Bomb

6.Don't Look Behind You

Can someone possibly be this comfortable with a shark right next to their head? Wellit looks like this girl is giving the okay sign and the shark snuck up next to her, but if that were the case, would the cameraman stop to take the picture or get the heck out of there?

Don't Look Behind You-Hilarious Animal Photo Bomb

7.Leaping Kitty

Was this kitty on her head, or did he leap from somewhere else, just grazing her head. Guess we'll never know, so we will have to make up the story. Maybe she carries the cat around on her head, wearing it like a hat, and the cat saw a cushion to escape so he leaped.

Leaping Kitty-Hilarious Animal Photo Bomb

8.What About Me?

"Dogs get all the attention, just because we cats seem aloof," said the white cat outside the window. "We get all the attention because we give attention back," said the black dog. "Neither of you are getting any attention," said the guy. "I just know girls go crazy for a guy holding a puppy."

What About Me?-Hilarious Animal Photo Bomb

9.Don't Forget Me

This Husky photo bomber couldn't be any cuter. With big, gorgeous blue eyes, he looks like he is saying, "the better to take a picture with you, my dear." A great shot captured, that won't soon be forgotten. And the two women don't seem to mind their furry friend joining in the threesome.

Don't Forget Me-Hilarious Animal Photo Bomb

10.Such Pretty Eyes

When you aim to take a sexy picture of yourself you better make sure that your kitty isn't showing. This cat decided, not only to photo bomb in the background, but to make his face the focal point of the entire picture, where something else, or two something elses, were intended to be.

Such Pretty Eyes-Hilarious Animal Photo Bomb

11.What About Me?

This dog wasn't about to be left out of the picture. The minute the camera snapped the picture, Fido made a leap for it, getting in just in the nick of time. He has a great smile for the shot, and this is definitely a FaceBook worth photo, that's for sure.

What About Me?-Hilarious Animal Photo Bomb

12.Love On The Beach

Sometimes you never know when the mood will strike you. Like right here on this beach. Is the girl the photo bomber, or is it the dogs. Either way, the other doesn't know the bomber is there. It seems the black dog is too into blondie the female dog, who is looking around to see if anyone notices.

Love On The Beach-Hilarious Animal Photo Bomb



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