Birds Which Cannot Fly

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 7:44 pm
By:Tony Williams


This is a parrot and surely every parrot in the world should be able to fly? This guy is the exception to that rule as he is stuck on the ground and you have to just feel sorry for him when he looks at all of the other parrots having the time of their life.

Kakapo-Birds Which Cannot Fly


This guy seems to have the head and the legs for flying, but sadly it is the wings that are the most important part and they are not interested in working like they do with other birds. Instead, he has to just walk around all over the place.

Weka-Birds Which Cannot Fly

3.New Caledonian Rail

This little guy is stuck where he is due to having zero flying ability in his body. He is just not cut out for it and you cannot help but feel sorry for him as surely he would enjoy doing it if he could?

New Caledonian Rail-Birds Which Cannot Fly

4.Flightless Cormorant

A cormorant can fly, but this species decided it hated flying, so the flightless version was born. He is big, but that should not put him off as he can certainly do it since his cousin is able to without any problems.

Flightless Cormorant-Birds Which Cannot Fly

5.Junin Grebe

Yep you are sitting wondering why this guy has never bothered to learn how to fly and you are not alone in wondering that. Surely his life would be a bit better as it would be easier to get around, but it seems as if he is just stuck where he is.

Junin Grebe-Birds Which Cannot Fly

6.Auckland Teal

This is another example of a flightless bird and once again he appears to have all of the attributes to fly, but he just cannot be bothered. He prefers to swim around and have other birds come to him.

Auckland Teal-Birds Which Cannot Fly

7.Falkland Steamer Duck

Looks can be deceptive because you would believe that this guy would be able to fly since he is flapping his wings in this image. Other ducks can of course fly, but this guy prefers to stay on the ground or in the water.

Falkland Steamer Duck-Birds Which Cannot Fly


This little cool guy is actually a bird, but he is stuck on the ground as he has absolutely no flying ability whatsoever. Instead, he has to basically waddle around keeping himself happy and looking at those birds in the sky wondering what it would be like.

Kiwis-Birds Which Cannot Fly


The colors on these birds would certainly help to make them stand out if they were indeed capable of flying, but then so would their size as they would make eagles look tiny. They are just too big and cumbersome to take off and that is good for us.

Cassowaries-Birds Which Cannot Fly


An ostrich would need to be one of the most awkward looking birds in the world if it was indeed able to take off. You know that it does have massive wings, but even those legs would look a bit strange, so it is better for us that it stays on the ground.

Ostrich-Birds Which Cannot Fly


This bird is often mistaken for the ostrich, but that does not matter as it still means that it cannot fly. Can you imagine this thing soaring above you and how worried you would be about being slapped with its wings?

Emu-Birds Which Cannot Fly


We all love the penguin and can you blame us? They just look so cool and it is a real shame that they are unable to fly, but then they would probably look a bit awkward if that was indeed the case.

Penguin-Birds Which Cannot Fly



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