Best Memorial Tattoos

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 11:47 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Stained Glass

This tattoo is spectacular with it including religion and stained glass resulting in an arm tattoo that is very well balanced and one that works exceptionally well. The glass and the rose is a lovely touch and there is a lot of detail in this tattoo, but it is required in order to get it to work right and the artist has certainly managed to achieve their aim of designing a tattoo that the person will be proud of.

Stained Glass-Best Memorial Tattoos


2.War 2

This is another powerful tattoo, but on a smaller scale than the one that covers the entire back. Again it shows a familiar war scene and it is a tattoo that is going to provoke you into thinking about what is going on and it will also bring some peace to you as you check it out. The tattoo itself is very well designed and it manages to capture the feeling in just a single arm.

War 2-Best Memorial Tattoos


This is one of those tattoos where you just stop and look at it and are amazed by what you see. The artwork here is unbelievable and there cannot be a better war memorial tattoo out there on any human being. The scene is poignant, the detail is exceptional, and it does deserve to cover the entire back as that is the only way in which you can actually do this justice.

War-Best Memorial Tattoos


This tattoo is a memorial to somebody that was killed in the army and it is a rather poignant tattoo that is very well done. The layout is very good and there is so much to look at when you scan over the tattoo that you can easily get lost in what it is actually representing. There may be more of these kinds of tattoos being done now and they really are a fantastic memorial.

Army-Best Memorial Tattoos


This tattoo may be seen as being a little bit freaky and spooky for some people since it does depict gravestones with names on them, but it is very well done and the eye looking down on them is certainly a great touch. We may not fully understand why there is a crab on there, but the composition of the tattoo is first class and you just know that the person would have loved it.

Graveyard-Best Memorial Tattoos

6.Twin Towers

This is another twin towers memorial tattoo, but this guy has gone to the other end of the spectrum and decided to go for full color in order to make his very own statement. This tattoo is massive and it must have taken a long time to complete, but you simply cannot do anything else apart from just say 'wow' when you check it out.

Twin Towers-Best Memorial Tattoos


What is cool about this tattoo is that you do not know who it is actually for, but at the same time it is simple yet effective in what it does. This is a good example of how a memorial tattoo really is much more of a personal thing than any other type of body art, but for a smallish tattoo this does work very well no matter who it is for.

Tree-Best Memorial Tattoos

8.September 11

This memorial tattoo really does make a statement with it being linked to September 11. This tattoo is cool as they have kept the colors to a minimum apart from the Stars n stripes, so your eye is drawn to the flag while absorbing what the rest of the tattoo is all about. This one justifies the size of the tattoo due to what is being shown in it and ultimately it is very well done.

September 11-Best Memorial Tattoos


We have no idea who Wanek is, but this tattoo is very good and the way in which the picture and the words are combined does just add a touch of class to this memorial tattoo. It does follow the idea that most of them are understated in their appearance as they are supposed to be quite serene more than anything else and this tattoo achieves all of that and more.

Wings-Best Memorial Tattoos


This tattoo is quite intricate when you actually look at it and the surprising thing is that it is for their father and no their mother. This tattoo is big and bold without being too over the top and this is certainly something that is very difficult to achieve, but they have undoubtedly managed to do it. Their father would rightfully feel quite proud of this tattoo.

Daddy-Best Memorial Tattoos


Obviously with this one there is a tie in with the name and the main image, but they do work well and it shows how you do not have to just limit yourself to a family member as even friends can be remembered in this way. There has clearly been a lot of thought put into this tattoo and there is the slightly cheeky touch of having a bird linked to the name, but you feel that the person would have laughed at it.

Friends-Best Memorial Tattoos

12.Mum 2

This memorial tattoo is bright and colorful and even though you never met her mother you just know that she would have been the perfect character to match this tattoo. This shows that a memorial one does not have to be dull, but instead you can do anything you want with it as this fantastic example shows.

Mum 2-Best Memorial Tattoos

13.The saying

You do not have to go for a large memorial, but instead a favorite saying can also work well in some instances. Yes this tattoo does also have a date on it and the tree is entirely optional, but it works well together and it is certainly going to act as a good reminder of the person that it represents.

The saying-Best Memorial Tattoos


This has to be a sad tattoo to get since it represents your child that died. You just know that it is going to be a very accurate representation of how they looked and the artist has certainly done a fantastic job and will have done the baby justice with this tattoo. At least with this you can look at it and always be reminded of them, which is kind of the aim of it anyway.

Child-Best Memorial Tattoos

15.For mum

This guy has gone beyond the normal kind of memorial tattoo as he has had his entire back covered with a memorial one for his mother. As you see he has included her date of birth as well as the date she died and he really has thought of everything with its creation. The artist is also very skilled when you see all of the intricate lines and he has to be proud of how good it looks.

For mum-Best Memorial Tattoos



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