Best Facebook Pranks

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 6:08 pm
By:Tony Williams

We all love playing pranks on our friends. They are a crucial part of friendship. But like technology pranking has also evolved in its insanity and the way it's done. With the evolution of internet and social media, pranking has become common on Facebook. Here are 12 hilarious Facebook pranks ever played.
1.Bad boy

The best thing about this prank is that the mother is doing the prank on her son and his friends are able to see it. You can imagine what happened to him the next time he met up with some of them because you just know that they would not have allowed him to forget about the time when his mother played a cool prank on him.

Bad boy-Best Facebook Pranks

2.A love prank

Why not tell the world about who somebody loves? Of course all you need to do is to get access to their profile and use your imagination and the result is going to be something like this. You do wonder what the payback was going to be and you just know that they made sure they were not logged into their own profile

A love prank-Best Facebook Pranks

3.Parent prank

You would think that your parents would not play a prank on you in such a visible way, but what this shows is that it is indeed possible. Imagine how they felt when they saw that their mother had played this prank on them, but then they carried on doing it and that is the seriously funny part.

Parent prank-Best Facebook Pranks

4.Birthday prank

This is still a nice prank to play, but at least it is not as harsh as some of the other pranks that people play on one another. Yes all that this involves is changing their birthday for a bit and then waiting to see why they are so surprised at getting all of those birthday messages.

Birthday prank-Best Facebook Pranks

5.Personal stuff

This shows that you can still do a Facebook prank even when the person is just using their cell phone to log in. Whatever you do, never log in, then allow somebody else to use your phone because the result is something like this happening and you can see how it will then take some explaining.

Personal stuff-Best Facebook Pranks

6.Too honest

Do not think that your partner is going to protect you on Facebook because in actual fact partners are often the people that you really need to be aware of. The boyfriend is the guilty party here because he is kind of telling the world something that should be private, but it is still a classic prank.

Too honest-Best Facebook Pranks

7.Cucumber issues

One thing that you can be sure of with Facebook pranks is that you never know what they are going to include or how long they will go on for. The scary part is that you never know who will end up seeing the posts or comments that have been put there as part of the prank, so who knows what the reaction was here.

Cucumber issues-Best Facebook Pranks
Loading... change prank

Well Facebook is certainly the place for you to admit to certain things, but announcing that you are changing sex? Surely that is something you keep quiet unless, as is the case here, it is all just a prank played on you by your friends. Want to avoid it? Do not use the auto login.

sex change prank-Best Facebook Pranks

9.Computer prank

This is a funny prank in that the person doing it realized that the other person was taking it seriously, but it was too late to stop things. You can just imagine the damage that was caused by this prank and you wonder what the reaction was of the person that did indeed go and deleted that folder.

Computer prank-Best Facebook Pranks

10.Admission prank

Something as simple as posting this line about having an STD is more than enough to get a number of reactions from people online. As you can see the comments do vary, but the overall sense is that people are not that surprised or sympathetic to the person that the prank was played on.

Admission prank-Best Facebook Pranks

11.Multiple pranks

This is what happens when you leave your Facebook logged in and leave it alone. This person has had their account compromised by one of their friends and the result is them apparently admitting to several things in public. You have to admit that it is funny, but imagine explaining this to your parents.

Multiple pranks-Best Facebook Pranks

12.Password prank

This prank is very easy to do because there are a lot of rather stupid people on Facebook that will believe anything. As you can see here there are several people that fall for it here and at least you can then get access to their profile if you wish to do so.

Password prank-Best Facebook Pranks



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