Best European Countries To Live In

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 9:12 am
By:Tony Williams


Did you forget that Monaco was its own little country? Of course to live here you need a lot of cash as it is not cheap by any means, but for high living this is the place to be in the entire continent. It is flashy, it is brash, and it is a lot of fun for the people lucky enough to be there.

Monaco-Best European Countries To Live In


Luxembourg is a country that a lot of people will forget about, but it has one of the highest living standards anywhere in Europe. It is financially sound and if you feel that it is too boring, then the likes of Belgium and France are next door, so you can easily jump over the border at any point.

Luxembourg-Best European Countries To Live In


There is just something about Belgium that makes it appealing. Perhaps it is the fact that it is quite a small and well run country? Maybe it is the mix of people that live there? Maybe it is just the fact that it has a great structure to it and you feel as if you can make progress there.

Belgium-Best European Countries To Live In


Spain has fantastic weather, the people are quite friendly and love to have fun and life is overall pretty good. However, there are a few issues with money in the country, but as long as you can support yourself there really should be no problems.

Spain-Best European Countries To Live In


Switzerland is very, very clean and everything just appears to have its place. It is quiet, gorgeous, safe, and you should really have very few complaints if you decided to live there.

Switzerland-Best European Countries To Live In


If you want some passion about life, then France could be interesting to you. They are a bit laid back, without it hampering their ability to live, but do try to avoid getting into an argument with them or they will probably just go on strike.

France-Best European Countries To Live In


If you love efficiency and things working like clockwork, then Germany has to be the country for you. It is financially very stable indeed, it has a great industrial background, and you just feel as if everything is so well organized without being too stuffy.

Germany-Best European Countries To Live In


There is no doubt that you can have a relaxing time when you live in the Netherlands as the Dutch are very laid back and very easy to deal with. The country itself is gorgeous and at least you are not going to have any hills to bother walking up in order to get around.

Netherlands-Best European Countries To Live In


The Swedes are quite outgoing and not afraid to have fun, so living there will never be boring even in the depths of winter when you feel as if you will never see any green again. The country is very safe and the standard of living is very high as well.

Sweden-Best European Countries To Live In


Iceland may be small and quite empty, but if you want to live in a place with an absolutely rugged beauty about it, then this is the country for you. Yes it gets cold in the winter, but it is absolutely stunning and the people are also fantastic as well.

Iceland-Best European Countries To Live In


If you are looking for a warm welcome in a country, then it is Ireland that is the place to be. The standard of living is quite high, it is safe, and ultimately you should be able to settle in here quite easily.

Ireland-Best European Countries To Live In


The UK is popular because it is seen as a well developed country, is well structured, and the people are friendly. However, the weather does work against it as it always seems to be raining, but if you can ignore that you should get on quite well.

UK-Best European Countries To Live In



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