Amazing Savants

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 8:37 am
By:Tony Williams

#12 Ellen Boudreaux

Ellen Boudreaux is a blind savant, who has a keen ear for music and sounds. She was born in 1957. She was born prematurely, which is why she is blind. By the time she was four months old, doctors had confirmed her blindness. Ellen, however, shocked her family soon after by humming the lullaby that was playing on the cradle gym. 
She doesn't use a walking stick to get around. Instead, she uses echolocation(using sound to locate objects) and makes chirping sound. When she was eight-years-old, her mother made her listen to the 'time lady' recording to help Boudreaux overcome her fear of telephones. After that day, Boudreaux has been able to tell the time down to the seconds without ever having seen a clock in her life. 

Ellen Boudreaux-Amazing Savants

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