15 Photos That Show The Order In The World

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 3:45 pm
By:James Fraser

From the time we wake up in the morning to sleep in the night, What we see with our eyes and perceives with our mind is complete mess. There's hardly perfection anywhere! Here are fifteen images that show order still exists in this world. If you are a perfectionist, or have a sharp eye for perfection, these images should be oddly satisfying to you.
1.This Perfectly Cut Toothpaste

We know this is not how anyone should use toothpaste, but this half cut toothpaste looks too awesome. This perfectly sliced toothpaste looks too good from side, forming a beautiful design. Perfection ends here, and what happens next when someone tries to use this will be absolute mess.

This Perfectly Cut Toothpaste-15 Photos That Show The Order In The World

2.Awesome Pipework

When art meets engineering, we get to see beautiful things like these! This pipework is brilliant, and nicely done by whom we believe is an engineer with a strong passion for art. This is just beautiful, and we hope you too liked it!

Awesome Pipework-15 Photos That Show The Order In The World

3.Bowl O' Chips

How  do you stop a perfectionist from eating chips? Arrange chips like this in a bowl! Wet bet you can't take your eyes off it! This bowl full of chips is oddly satisfying! The chips were so perfectly aligned that they look like a nice donut put in a bowl.

Bowl O' Chips-15 Photos That Show The Order In The World

4.Proof that Trolls Used to Live on Earth

If not a troll, who on earth can perfectly slice cut a rock into two? Let's end the troll discussion here, and enjoy this oddly satisfying and beautiful image of two rocks placed next to each other. That gap between the two rocks is amazing.

Proof that Trolls Used to Live on Earth-15 Photos That Show The Order In The World

5.When Humans and Nature Work Together

If humans do their part well, nature will always help them in making things perfect! Check how the shadow aligned nicely and perfectly to the boundary markings on this playground. This is just perfect, and can't go any better than this.

When Humans and Nature Work Together-15 Photos That Show The Order In The World

6.These Buddhist Monks

Buddhism is a religion of order! Look how these paying monks gathered to form a perfect symmetry. If you look close, you will find out that these monks didn't use any means of aiding when comes to arranging themselves in an order. Brilliant and perfect!

These Buddhist Monks-15 Photos That Show The Order In The World

7.These Colorful Candies

Candy makers love messing things up by packing multiple colored candies in one packing. It's a time taking and boring job, but the person who did this has given some treat to the people like us, who love satisfying images. These candies look way beautiful than they mixed and messed up altogether. 

These Colorful Candies-15 Photos That Show The Order In The World


8.This Layered Latte

We bet you will take at least 100 photos and waste few minutes before you start drinking this coffee! This layered coffee is stunningly beautiful. It's called a layered latte, in case if you want to know what it is called. It needs lots of skills to make latte with this many layers! Ask in your local coffee shop if you want to try one for yourself!

This Layered Latte-15 Photos That Show The Order In The World

9.Mother Nature is Obviously the Mother of Perfection

Mother nature is just perfect It's we who made this planet a mess! This cabbage is a perfect example how nature puts things in the right order. The purple design on this cabbage looks incredibly beautiful! You can find similar pattern in almost all red cabbages.

Mother Nature is Obviously the Mother of Perfection-15 Photos That Show The Order In The World


10.Not a Tree, But Firewood

People who did this splendid job has arrange firewood look like a fallen tree. At first, many people will think that this is a cut down tree, until they watch it closely. It must have taken a lot of time to arrange firewood like this. We hope they never lit fire on this one. This is beautiful.

Not a Tree, But Firewood-15 Photos That Show The Order In The World

11.Eyegasm for Perfectionists

Is that truck made by the engineers only to carry those boxes? Is it like those boxes were designed to fit the truck perfectly? We never know! Things like this don't happen every day! This is an absolute treat to watch.

Eyegasm for Perfectionists-15 Photos That Show The Order In The World

12.These Closet Hangers

Those hangers are aligned so nicely they look like plastic boards. Too much perfection can kill the core concept sometimes! Nevertheless, this beautiful set of hangers is perfect of example of order. Way to go, we hope the people who work in that retail arranges all the hangers in that way.

These Closet Hangers-15 Photos That Show The Order In The World

13.Probably the Roundest Thing in the World

Can you even image making a snow ball this perfect? We aren't sure if this snowball is made by hands or some scooping tool, but we must say this looks just perfect. This oddly satisfying snowball will impress many people. Let's hope this perfect snowball is still alive somewhere, somehow.

Probably the Roundest Thing in the World-15 Photos That Show The Order In The World

14.Hitting the Right Hole

Art, craft, precision, perfection; we ran out of words to describe this thing! The water jet from the tap perfectly goes into one of the kitchen sink holes, without even touching the edges. Good work there! World needs more engineers like these!

Hitting the Right Hole-15 Photos That Show The Order In The World

15.Square Watermelons

We thought watermelons are round! These watermelons formed a perfect square shape as they were cut and arranged like this as shown in the image. It looks like some kind of funky photo frame. Excellent creativity and good job done there! Now this is how you can get things into order, even they don't generally support it.

Square Watermelons -15 Photos That Show The Order In The World



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