Wealthiest Actors In Hollywood

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 4:49 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio may be the Jimmy Stewart of our generation, a handsome reliable presence who can always be counted on to be brilliant, funny or just plain like easy going depending on the role he's playing. DiCaprio makes seventy-seven million dollars a movie. That sound you just heard is Jimmy Stewart turning over in his grave.

Leonardo DiCaprio-Wealthiest Actors In Hollywood

2.Johnny Depp

When Johnny Depp left the highly rated police drama 21 Jump Street to pursue a career in movies, it probably seemed like a foolish move. These days anyone who doubts Depp's talent is being foolish. The actor makes fifty million dollars a movie -- probably an improvement over the 21 Jump Street days.

Johnny Depp-Wealthiest Actors In Hollywood

3.Adam Sandler

This former standup comedian and Saturday Night Live star is very probably the highest paid funny man in the history of the movies. If only Charlie Chaplain, Richard Pryor or Steve Martin could have aspired to his sophisticated level of humor. Maybe they could have earned his forty million dollar a film payday.

Adam Sandler-Wealthiest Actors In Hollywood

4.Will Smith

The former rapper and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sitcom star makes thirty-six million dollars every time he steps in front of the camera. I wonder if he charges his family when he takes a picture with them. Probably not. After all, they couldn't afford him.

Will Smith-Wealthiest Actors In Hollywood

5.Tom Hanks

Hanks has probably been on the scene longer than any actor on the list. He's come a long way since his co-starring role in the TV sitcom Bosom Buddies, where he dressed as a woman. These days he makes thirty-five million a movie without even having to step into a pair of panty hose. Now that's success!

Tom Hanks-Wealthiest Actors In Hollywood

6.Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller is the son of the classic comedy team Jerry Stiller and Anna Meara. With a current per-movie pay check of thirty-four million dollars, he could probably buy and sell his parents these days. But he'd probably rather spend it on more worthwhile stuff like cars.

Ben Stiller-Wealthiest Actors In Hollywood

7.Robert Downey Jr.

This actor's career has seen its dizzying highs and depressing lows. He's done a stint in prison due to his drug problems and, as a result, gone years without steady work in the business. There were times, during the dark years, when producers and directors didn't trust him to show up for work. These days he makes enough money -- roughly thirty-one million a flick -- to ensure that he'll be there.

Robert Downey Jr.-Wealthiest Actors In Hollywood

8.Mark Wahlberg

Wahlberg began his career in the entertainment business as a singer and rapper who went by the name of Marky Mark. Today he is known simply as Mark. Unless you are on his payroll, in which case he is known as Mr. Wahlberg. He makes twenty-eight million dollars a year.

Mark Wahlberg-Wealthiest Actors In Hollywood

9.Tim Allen

Tim Allen first found success in the world of standup comedy, then became the star of the highly rated sitcom Home Improvement. Since then not much has happened to him -- unless you consider making twenty-two million dollars a year something to get excited about. Allen has been named a Disney legend.

Tim Allen-Wealthiest Actors In Hollywood

10.Tom Cruise

Abused as a child and a product of a poor upbringing, Cruise has done well for himself as an actor. He earns twenty-two million dollars a movie and has been nominated for three Academy awards. His popularity has waned slightly in the past few years, but at twenty-two million a year, Cruise is probably not complaining much.

Tom Cruise-Wealthiest Actors In Hollywood

11.Jim Carey

The Canadian-born Jim Carey began his career making folks laugh in tiny, smoke-ridden comedy clubs where somebody might get stabbed. One wonders if Carey is tempted to return to the comedy circuit. But with a current price tag of twenty million dollars per movie, he probably resists that temptation well.

Jim Carey-Wealthiest Actors In Hollywood

12.Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is not the first actor to play James Bond. But his salary as 007 is enormous enough to garner envy from all previous Bonds. And for good reason. Twenty million dollars is a lot of money to drive around in a nice car and play cards with handsome villains.

Daniel Craig-Wealthiest Actors In Hollywood

13.Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is that handsome young hunk from the Twilight series, movies you probably don't care much about if you are over the age of forty. But the girls care a lot about Pattinson and the movies he makes. How much? About twenty million dollars a movie worth.

Robert Pattinson-Wealthiest Actors In Hollywood

14.Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt makes twenty million dollars for every movie appears in. He is married to a woman you may have heard of -- Angelina Jolie, whose net worth is estimated at roughly a hundred and forty million dollars. Perhaps the couple can pool their considerable resources and buy the movie industry.

Brad Pitt-Wealthiest Actors In Hollywood

15.Matt Damon

Born and bred in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Damon found success fairly early. At the age of eighteen he made his debut in the now-forgotten comedy Mystic Pizza. From these humble beginnings, the star of the Bourne series hasn't looked back. These days he commands a salary of eighteen million per film. Not bad by most standards, but only good enough for fifteenth place on our list.

Matt Damon-Wealthiest Actors In Hollywood



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