Most Scary Demon Toys In Movies

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 7:42 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Jack In The Box - Demonic Toys

Demonic Toys is a film that is creepy in every sense. A demon uses possessed toys to do his dirty work. The toys become a team of killers, with the Jack in the Box and his sharp teeth something that nightmares are made of. Cheesy lines and fun toy killings make this a must see.

Jack In The Box - Demonic Toys-Most Scary Demon Toys In Movies

2.Ventriloquist Dummy - Magic

There's something about ventriloquist dummies that are scary even when they're not meant to be. Something about the eyes and their taking on the person of their ventriloquist that is just strange. In the film "Magic," Anthony Hopkins is a ventriloquist whose dummy takes control of him. This idea has been done but not as well as in this film.

Ventriloquist Dummy - Magic-Most Scary Demon Toys In Movies

3.African Tribal Doll- Trilogy of Terror

Three difference horror tales make up "Trilogy Of Terror," a 1975 movie of which the African Tribal Doll is off the charts scary. It comes to life and kills a woman, in a very creepy scene that is in the last story of the trilogy, and the best. Some wish that the entire movie centered around the final story and the doll.

African Tribal Doll- Trilogy of Terror-Most Scary Demon Toys In Movies

4.Tiffany - Bride of Chucky

Chucky's bride, Tiffany, is even more horrific than Chucky himself. Ten years after we first met Chucky, we meet Tiffany, the serial killer's former sweetheart, whom Chucky proceeds to kill and then revive in a doll bride in order for her to come along with him on a murder spree on Route 66.

Tiffany - Bride of Chucky-Most Scary Demon Toys In Movies

5.Dolly - Dolly Dearest

Dolly Dearest was a lot scarier than Mommy Dearest. The doll's creepy facial expressions were enough to scare the pants off ya. When the little girl talks to her dolly in the backyard playhouse the creep factor shoots off the scale. It's a must see if you like scary dolls.

Dolly - Dolly Dearest-Most Scary Demon Toys In Movies

6.Pinocchio - Pinocchio's Revenge

Everyone always felt bad for Pinocchio. He always wanted to be a real boy. Well, in 1996 he got his revenge in the film "Pinocchio's Revenge." When a mother, who is an attorney, finds the Pinocchio doll buried with her client's dead son, she brings it home and her daughter takes it to play with. Accidents begin happening and the mother starts to question the doll and her daughter's safety.

Pinocchio - Pinocchio's Revenge-Most Scary Demon Toys In Movies

7.Talking Tina - Twilight Zone: The LIving Doll

Talking dolls were quite the rage in the '50's and into the '60s. Every little girl wanted one, but they really were just plain old creepy. Talky Tina, one such talking doll appeared in "The Living Doll," episode of "The Twilight Zone." With her spooky face and eyes she says, " my name is Talky Tina and I'm going to kill you!"

Talking Tina - Twilight Zone: The LIving Doll-Most Scary Demon Toys In Movies

8.Billy The Puppet - Saw

There is no doubt that the Saw franchise set a new precedent for horror movies. Billy The Puppet is used by Jigsaw to communicate anonymously to his trapped subjects. Most people think that the puppet is Jigsaw, but he is just the messenger, creepy as he looks, John Kramer is really Jigsaw as we learn later.

Billy The Puppet - Saw-Most Scary Demon Toys In Movies

9.Clown Doll - Poltergeist

The clown doll in the film, Poltergeist, is downright creepy. He acted as a distraction so that the little girl, Carol Anne, could be abducted by the other spirits in the house. When the clown attacks Robbie, it is one of the more frightening scenes in the film, as Robbie was always afraid of the darn clown doll that sat in his room, always staring at him.

Clown Doll - Poltergeist-Most Scary Demon Toys In Movies

10.Billy - dead Silence

From the creators of Saw, we got the film "dead Silence" in which a ventriloquist doll named Billy arrives in an unmarked package on the door step of Jamie and Lisa Ashen. Billy comes to life and kills Lisa, ripping out her tongue. Jamie finds out his uncle murdered a female ventriloquist who he finds out sent the doll, and she was murdered by having her tongue cut out.

Billy - dead Silence-Most Scary Demon Toys In Movies

11.Chucky - Child's Play

Chucky took us all by surprise when the film, Child's Play premiered in 1988. When a little boy is given a gift by his single mother, he loves his doll named Chucky, but we learn that the doll is possessed by the soul of a serial killer, hell bent on jumping into little Andy's body and taking him over.

Chucky - Child's Play-Most Scary Demon Toys In Movies

12.Annabelle Doll - The Conjuring

The Conjuring is a frightening movie, but the doll Anabelle is one of the scariest parts. The possessed doll, who resides at Ed and Lorraine's spooky trophy museum, is evil. The weird part is that this doll was a real Raggedy Ann doll that got a remake for the movie.

Annabelle Doll - The Conjuring-Most Scary Demon Toys In Movies



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