Disney Characters As Hipsters

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 7:53 pm
By:Tony Williams


There is just something not quite right about these glasses on this character because they are just too geeky. Instead, she should have sharper ones that make her look as evil as she actually is, so perhaps back to the drawing board here.

Cruella-Disney Characters As Hipsters

2.Bambi needs glasses?

This is maybe taking things a bit too far because whenever has a deer needed glasses? To then go and add a baseball cap, and look at the name on it, is taking this hipster thing to a whole new level.

Bambi needs glasses?-Disney Characters As Hipsters

3.Huge eyes with huge glasses

Well the main thing you are going to notice here is that Ariel has massive eyes along with massive glasses, but in a strange way it all just works quite well. However, maybe a different style would have been better, but then the entire aim is to have her looking like a geek.

Huge eyes with huge glasses-Disney Characters As Hipsters


Now if a cartoon character appears to just be made for these glasses, then surely it is Aladdin? You have to say that they are just perfect in every conceivable way, so ignore the meme part and just focus on how stylish he looks.

Aladdin-Disney Characters As Hipsters

5.Are they wooden?

Well surely the big question here is whether or not those glasses are also made of wood? However, perhaps another issue is why the tops of his eyes are so far above his glasses because would that not cause him major problems?

Are they wooden?-Disney Characters As Hipsters

6.Evil glasses

Sometimes even evil characters need some help to see who they are being evil to as can be seen here. However, do you not feel that it makes him a bit less frightening just by him wearing them?

Evil glasses-Disney Characters As Hipsters

7.Even lions wear them

Surely you should know that we are not the only creatures that can end up with bad eyesight? The best thing is that the person behind these glasses at least managed to choose a style that suited the character because does he not look quite wise?

Even lions wear them-Disney Characters As Hipsters

8.Peter Pan

Is it just us or does Peter Pan now look less boyish with those glasses on? He suddenly seems to have aged quite considerably, so perhaps wearing them is not the best thing that he has ever done.

Peter Pan-Disney Characters As Hipsters

9.What about the tiger?

Apart from the fact she has glasses on would it not have been even better if the tiger was also wearing glasses? OK so that would maybe make it less like real life, but then it is a cartoon and who would be sitting so close to a tiger anyway?

What about the tiger?-Disney Characters As Hipsters

10.Snow White

Aww everybody loves Snow White and she certainly wears those black rimmed glasses quite well. OK you would expect them to be pink and more girly, but hey that is not the reason why this has been done!!

Snow White-Disney Characters As Hipsters

11.Alice in glasses

Well did you spot it straight away or did it take some time before you noticed that Alice does indeed have glasses on? She just looks completely different now she is short-sighted.

Alice in glasses-Disney Characters As Hipsters

12.A different look

Go on admit it, you are now looking at these characters in a completely different light aren't you. Those glasses just changes things completely because now you see him as being some kind of nerd rather than anything else.

A different look-Disney Characters As Hipsters



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