World's Craziest Buildings

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 9:28 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Ideal Palace, France

This is called the Ideal Palace, but then what is ideal about it? It just looks far too busy to actually be anything that is real, but it does exist even if it is not the type of palace that royalty would live in.

Ideal Palace, France-World's Craziest Buildings

2.Tumbling house, Vienna

This has not been photoshopped because it does indeed exist. The building itself is pretty plain and boring, but by adding in that tumbling house at the top it suddenly transforms it into something completely different.

Tumbling house, Vienna-World's Craziest Buildings

3.Conch House, Mexico

This is both strange and rather cool at the same time because it is indeed a building that is shaped to look like a conch shell. Clearly this person loves the shell in question because there is no other explanation for having it built.

Conch House, Mexico-World's Craziest Buildings

4.Nautilus House, Mexico

This looks like the home of the Teletubbies rather than an actual place, but it is real and that is quite a scary thought. The architect must have been doing this for a bet because there is no other real explanation for it to even be existing.

Nautilus House, Mexico-World's Craziest Buildings

5.Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

This has to be one of the most famous strange buildings out there and everybody knows that Guggenheim equals madness. It looks as if the building has melted and collapsed in on itself rather than it all being meant to look this way.

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao-World's Craziest Buildings

6.Museum of Contemporary Art, Niteroi

OK so this is all about contemporary art, but then it looks like a UFO has crashed on top of a hill. There are a few building like this that make up the complex, but then that just makes it look seriously mad and crazy on a bigger scale.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Niteroi-World's Craziest Buildings

7.Mind house, Barcelona

This is called the Mind House and in all honesty it will play with your mind when you look at the design of it. This looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland, but then maybe that was the inspiration behind it all?

Mind house, Barcelona-World's Craziest Buildings

8.Brussels, Belgium

This looks more like a desk ornament than a building as it is all shiny and spherical in shape. This has to have been an architect having a crazy moment, and then the building being even more mad to then decide it is a good idea to do it.

Brussels, Belgium-World's Craziest Buildings

9.Bangkok, Thailand

This building is freaky to say the least because how would you feel if you looked up and saw a dragon wrapped around a building? At what point do you run out of ideas and all you are left with is the dragon one that you discarded when you were at school?

Bangkok, Thailand-World's Craziest Buildings

10.Rotterdam, Netherlands

Yes this is all about angles and you have to admit that the person that worked all of this out must have been high at the time. There is just so much going on that you have no idea where to look first.

Rotterdam, Netherlands-World's Craziest Buildings


This building does a rather strange twist and you do need these three images side by side in order to fully appreciate what is going on with it. You feel as if the architect drew a normal building, then scrunched up the paper and caught a glimpse of this design in order to come up with it in the first place.

Dubai-World's Craziest Buildings

12.Montreal, Canada

This looks like a game of Jenga that has got seriously out of hand and you have to question the sanity of the architect that came up with it in the first place. You just feel as if everything could topple over at any moment.

Montreal, Canada-World's Craziest Buildings

13.Tirau, New Zealand

As if having the dog on the front of the building is not enough they have to go and add a bit tongue to it as well just to finish the look. This is the kind of building that just makes you stop and double check what it is that you have just looked at.

Tirau, New Zealand-World's Craziest Buildings

14.Wolfartsweier, Germany

Yes this building is just waiting to pounce on you like the cat it is and in a strange way this building is actually quite cool. It is clear that a lot of thought has gone into designing it and it really could have ended up looking a lot worse.

Wolfartsweier, Germany-World's Craziest Buildings

15.Hyderabad, India

Your eyes are not deceiving you because you are actually looking at a fish. This is just seriously strange because you are entering its belly and even its eyes are a window and would you even feel comfortable going in there?

Hyderabad, India-World's Craziest Buildings

16.Tirau, New Zealand

Ah yes you are walking along a quiet street in the country when suddenly you feel as if somebody, or something, is looking at you. In this instance you would be absolutely correct to feel that because as you can see they have this rather strange looking building.

Tirau, New Zealand-World's Craziest Buildings

17.Marina Bay Sands

This building is crazy, but in a strange way it is also quite cool to look at and you have to kind of admire the architect for being mad enough to come up with it in the first place. How would you even go and describe this building to somebody else?

Marina Bay Sands-World's Craziest Buildings

18.Yibin City, China

Does it make sense that this company does indeed make something that appears in a bottle? It is like a crazy type of advertising that has gone even more mad and not many companies would go to this extent with their buildings.

Yibin City, China-World's Craziest Buildings

19.Fangyuan Mansion, China

Yes this building does indeed look like a drum, but it is not in some strange village as this is in the middle of a very busy city in China. From some angles it is actually quite cool to look at, but boy did the architect seem to enjoy drawing circles.

Fangyuan Mansion, China-World's Craziest Buildings

20.New Jersey, USA

Yes this is actually a building, but it is very strange and at what point do you end up thinking that an elephant design is the best way to go? The only positive thing is that you did choose a big animal, so at least there is some more space available inside.

New Jersey, USA-World's Craziest Buildings

21.Kansas City Library

This is the kind of building where things make absolute sense because how else would you want your library to look? The building may be crazy, but at the same time it is also pretty cool and at least you know where to find the library.

Kansas City Library-World's Craziest Buildings

22.Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi

The thing about this building is that it has the biggest lean of any building in the world, but this being Abu Dhabi it is completely intentional. However, that does mean that you get something that looks ever so slightly strange.

Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi-World's Craziest Buildings

23.Stone House, Guimaraes

Come on what would you actually do with this building? Yes it is very, very strange to look at, but is there a point to it? Surely this is just a strange architects idea of a joke?

Stone House, Guimaraes-World's Craziest Buildings

24.Selfridges, Birmingham

Well this building is certainly very different to anything else that you will tend to see in Birmingham. Some people refer to it as the peanut, but then it would have to be a very futuristic peanut if that was the case.

Selfridges, Birmingham-World's Craziest Buildings



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