15 Top Under 18 Millionaires That You Probably Don't Know About

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 11:51 am
By:Mike Litzler

While many of us can't tell when we can actually become a millionaire, these under 18 millionaires were very sure they were going to make millions during their teen years. Making money is never an easy job. You need to have skills, brains, patience and many more qualities to make big money. Luck plays a big role too. The young people you are about to see now have started some kind of business very early, and they made it a grand success by the time they turned 18. Know more about these fifteen people who became millionaires under the age of 18. 

#14 Cameron Johnson

Do you think a business needs a lot of money? NO!! All it needs an idea and hard work which is proven by Cameron Johnson. Cameron Johnson an American entrepreneur started selling invitation cards when he was 9 years old back in 1994 to make enough money to start his own company at the age of 11. He wet his feet in several ventures, started an email forwarding service Ez mail and an online advertising company, Surfingprice.com and was making about $400,000 monthly by the time he reached age 15. He currently has a net worth of 3.2 million Dollars and still growing.

Cameron Johnson-15 Top Under 18 Millionaires That You Probably Don't Know About