Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 8:42 am
By:Tony Williams

1.The pressures of studying

This is an attempt to comment on working hard and how we have to press our noses tight against it in order to get anywhere in life. There is a sense of being trapped there until we are finished as can be seen by the way that their head is pinned down against the book and it is impossible to get free from it.

The pressures of studying-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

2.The hunt

This is an attempt to ridicule fox hunting although that should not be very difficult. All of these dogs, men, and horses can be brought together in order to find and kill one single animal, but is it worth it all?

The hunt-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

3.Hooked by alcohol

This illustration is about more than just being hooked on alcohol because instead it is about being hooked on dangerous things in general. Alcohol can lead to so many problems and you never know when it can just catch you and not let go. The problem is that it is often impossible to see it until it is too late.

Hooked by alcohol-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

4.The ticking time bomb

This image gives the idea of there being a ticking time bomb with humanity. So many people are going to end up in a desperate situation if we continue with what we are doing and so many are completely powerless to do anything about it.

The ticking time bomb-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski


This image is all about how we try to heal the past and what better way to do it than to use the idea of trench warfare and how we then try to bring the world back to how it once looked. However, it is never the same as the scars run too deep even though the surface may be perfect.

Recovery-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

6.The bank clowns

There is no way that you cannot fail to appreciate this illustration because it just sums up the way that people feel about the banks and that they are indeed run by clowns. Of course this comes from the way that they threw the world into a recession as they gave the impression of having no idea what they were doing.

The bank clowns-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

7.A present for the poor

This illustration reflects a bad part of society because what to us is rubbish can easily be something extremely valuable to those less fortunate than us. By presenting the garbage truck as a giant present it just manages to really push this point home.

A present for the poor-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

8.Life and death

In one illustration the artist has managed to sum up both life and death in one easy move. The fields that can offer life via crops can easily be turned into a battlefield, but you do not need soldiers for that because even just poor weather can turn it into a battle to survive.

Life and death-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

9.The boss always wins

So what is this image trying to say? In all honesty it is putting across the idea that even though workers may be like slaves there is always somebody at the top who is making the money and is relaxed about the situation. They have no cares in the world as long as their slaves continue to work hard and this does relate to the way in which the world is unbalanced with the few rich controlling millions of poor.

The boss always wins-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

10.Do not drink the water

The idea behind this illustration is to make sure that you do not drink the water from the fountain because due to it coming out of the mouth of a politician it is probably going to be poison. It just ties in with our belief as to what is going on with everything they say and why, on a number of occasions, we should avoid it.

Do not drink the water-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

11.Easily led

This image once again looks at terrorism and how for some it really is like a donkey chasing a carrot. They are incapable of thinking for themselves as it is down to some individuals controlling the carrot and getting them to do what they need no matter how bad it may be.

Easily led-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

12.Waiting for the end of time

This reminds us that there is nothing that we can do to stop the end of time coming and that through our life we are getting closer and closer to that moment. It has been drawn in a clever way since it has time going on and the pendulum digging our grave and overall it is a very powerful image.

Waiting for the end of time-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

13.The great divide

This is designed to really hit home about the great divide between the rich and poor and it has been done in a very clever way. The idea is that we can see the gap and see what is on the other side, but we have absolutely no way of getting there. Life just seems impossible for some.

The great divide-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

14.Balancing on the edge

This illustration is trying to really tell us how so much wildlife really is just balancing on the edge due to global warming and that they themselves are incapable of making a difference. Instead, it is all down to us and we need to make the changes before it is too late.

Balancing on the edge-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

15.Different priorities

This shows how we seem to have different priorities depending on what is important to us. Here we have some paint on the road and people will be wondering about how it can affect their journey, but everybody is ignoring the painter who is dead beside it. Why? Because we are more worried about ourselves than others.

Different priorities-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

16.Christmas from China

At first you may wonder what on earth is going on here until you realize just how clever he has been with this illustration. Basically, what he is saying is that our Christmas is now largely dictated by China since most of the toys that are delivered are made there. People working for next to nothing are making sure that our children have a nice day.

Christmas from China-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

17.The difference in a word

This really does show the difference in a word because here one child is happy to just spell it whereas the other child is just wanting to eat it. This shows the difference in what is important because while one is trying to learn the other is just wanting to eat to survive.

The difference in a word-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

18.Getting the most out of $1

What he is trying to say here is that the government is guilty of trying to get absolutely everything out of every single dollar even when it is the military. By having a woman standing there beating the bill as if she is beating dust out of a rug she is trying to get every last drop.

Getting the most out of $1-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

19.Sucking up the beauty

We are not very good at looking after the world and this is perfectly illustrated here by the way that a camera has been turned into a vacuum cleaner and it is quickly clearing up everything that is beautiful in the world. How long is left until there is nothing to see as we have destroyed it all?

Sucking up the beauty-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

20.Cleansing the sins

Obviously this illustration is commenting on the scandals that rocked the Catholic church and the level of abuse that appears to have been going on there. It is actually quite clever in combining confession with a washing machine because boy do they need a good rinse themselves.

Cleansing the sins-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

21.Bloody, but pleading

Terrorism seems keen to combine fear and executions with pleading for help. This just appears to contradict one another because why should somebody that is so dangerous then be helped in any way whatsoever? This thought is put across here by combining a hostage and terrorism with somebody playing music and asking for donations.

Bloody, but pleading-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

22.All of this for a cat

What this is saying is that we take more care over our cat than we do with all of the different animals that actually go and make up cat food. Why have we decided that this is our priority in life? At what point did all of this actually happen?

All of this for a cat-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

23.Just a different color

This is helping to show the difference from the time of slavery to the time of gold chains. However, the color may be different, but what about limitations that still exist in society simply because of the color of your skin? Is it actually any different from before?

Just a different color-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

24.The lack of privacy

What this illustration is trying to do is to highlight the issues of privacy on Facebook. They are very well known for changing the way that our information is shared and making everything as open as possible, so people can now find it easier to spy on you.

The lack of privacy-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

25.The Internet warrior

There is this relatively new thing whereby people use websites such as Facebook in order to fight for a cause. This has taken the art of protesting online and away from as many confrontations with the law, but does it do anything? Is it as forceful?

The Internet warrior-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

26.The cost of the military

Looking at the cost of the military is a very sensitive subject due to them being asked to do so much while also balancing the books. There is the feeling in this illustration that the soldier is expendable due to how it will alter the finances and they are counted not as people, but as beads on an abacus.

The cost of the military-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

27.Who has the train and who has the coal?

This is another fantastic example of how different our roles can be in life. The rich white kid stands there waiting with his train while the poor child has to do all of the hard work just to allow the rich to have fun. It shows a completely unbalanced world.

Who has the train and who has the coal?-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

28.Vote like sheep

It is fair to say that a large percentage of the population do indeed vote like sheep as we do not think beyond absolute blind loyalty no matter what they tell us at the time. It does not matter who the person is or what they say because as long as they are tagged by a particular party then that is good enough.

Vote like sheep-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

29.The different sides to war

While we are busy fighting a war it is easy to focus on the soldiers and comment on how brave they are, but what about the innocents left behind? We put up statues to the brave men and women in the armed forces, but never honor those people such as women and children that really suffer.

The different sides to war-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

30.The difference in what we do

This illustration shows you how different we can be as cultures. Here we have somebody getting married so we throw rice yet for so many people that rice is a staple food source and nothing is wasted. This is shown by the people picking it up showing their priorities in life.

The difference in what we do-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

31.Hiding the pollution

We always look at factories and see the amount of pollution that they are spouting out on a daily basis, but talk to them and they will claim that they are not damaging the atmosphere. However, this drawing sums it up so well because all they are trying to do is repaint the smoke to lie to us and make us believe that all is well.

Hiding the pollution-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

32.Jobs according to race

This is certainly hard hitting because it puts across the idea that there is still a certain expectation of people of a certain race having different jobs or positions in life. Take a closer look as here you will see the white kid with the fancy toy car, but it is the black children that are washing it with this being a scene you will see in various places.

Jobs according to race-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

33.The Pinocchio Monument

This is clever because it once again ties in with the concept that politicians have a habit of lying to us and what better way to put that across than to use a well known cartoon character who lied and place that long nose at the seat of power. It brings together several symbols and each one as important as the other.

The Pinocchio Monument-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

34.Speaking sewage

This illustration is able to perfectly sum up what we all think comes out of the mouth of people in positions of power. Let's be honest here we always feel as if it is just absolute rubbish and that they say what they think we want to hear.

Speaking sewage-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

35.As one falls another rises

We all rejoice when we see a dictator being toppled in what we see as an unstable country, but more often than not the one that follows is not actually that better. This is reflected in this illustration where like is replacing like as if it is on a turntable.

As one falls another rises-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski

36.The advance of oil

What is going on here is that it stresses how we just walk into a land that has been untouched by humans probably since time began and where there is a different way of living and just start drilling for oil. There is little regard for the people being hurt by it as long as we satisfy our thirst for our black gold.

The advance of oil-Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski



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