Star Wars Tattoos

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 9:28 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Darth Mol

One of the scarier looking characters in film, this guy really makes for great body art. Placing him on top of some tribal design certainly gives this piece a greater dimensional feel. With a little darkening of the black work this will really come alive. Tattoos and stars definitely make for a fun night out.

Darth Mol-Star Wars Tattoos

2.Boba Fett

You know this guy doesn't take any crap. Boba fett can go from standing to flying and chasing you down in no time. The detail on this is really great. The shading and line work really give it great dimension. The way he's looking he could almost jump right out at you. Look out when this guy comes around!

Boba Fett-Star Wars Tattoos

3.C3PO and Yoda

The color on this magnificent piece is an artists dream. In fact, it actually evokes feelings of being in a Star Wars dream. Yoda looks as if he could just come to life and start talking to you at any second. The lines really pop and the color vibrancy really makes the imagination dance with wonder.

C3PO and Yoda-Star Wars Tattoos

4.Many Heads

This radical back piece takes you on a ride through the Star Wars films. With so many of the great characters lines sprawled across this back, you can practically hear the dialogue from the characters. Looks like we got princess Laya in her flight suit ready to take on the evil throws coming her way.

Many Heads-Star Wars Tattoos

5.Vader Big Black

This piece is pure bad ass. Covering the entire back this Darth Vader is practically life size. The color and tones of it really take you to another realm. It actually looks like Vader is reaching right at you, going for the throat with the force! With his side pose. He almost looks like he is giving a gangster lean.

Vader Big Black-Star Wars Tattoos


Oola is gonna dance the night away on the body. Being one of jab as dancer slaves, she has lots of practice. This vibrant piece really captures the emotions behind being a slave to someone like Jabba the Hut. The line work and color blending really take it to the next level of life like.

Oola-Star Wars Tattoos

7.Jabba Under Arm

You know this piece was pretty painful. Jabba has a bloody reign falling down the sky giving the walkers quite a shower. The color really pops with vibrancy in the reds and oranges. The line work really gives the piece some lifelike qualities. Jabba let's both his all seeing eyes float a top everything.

Jabba Under Arm-Star Wars Tattoos

8.Super Mario Jedi

When you really wanna mix things up, it doesn't get much cuter than this. A little super Mario action where he awakens to his inner Jedi. You can tell he has force and mojo well intact in this brilliant tattoo. Theres some serious color exposing his usual plumber overalls covered by a Jedi robe that is shaded wonderfully.

Super Mario Jedi-Star Wars Tattoos

9.Vader Black Piece

This vivid piece is obviously still waiting on some finishing color but the overall idea is very inspired. The duality and contour elements really give it some interesting depth. The vibrant red color coming together with the flames surrounding Darth Vader really capture a mystical quality.

Vader Black Piece-Star Wars Tattoos

10.Storm Trooper Battle

This action piece is a great display of the fabulous walkers doing their thing and a brilliant storm trooper telling the boys where to roll. This thing must be waiting on some more color additions because it is definitely in need. You know there's trouble waiting for the good guys in this scene.

Storm Trooper Battle-Star Wars Tattoos

11.Darth Vader and Emperor

This exquisite piece captures Darth Vader reigning over the emperor as it should be. There is also some Boba Fett in there to spice things up and keep it real. For a piece with not a lot of color, this one has a lot of character and good lines. Perhaps some interaction between then could be interesting!

Darth Vader and Emperor-Star Wars Tattoos

12.Rosie dead Storm Trooper

This righteous piece combines the artistic design of the day of the dead and mixes it so beautifully with the storm trooper helmet. The colors and the shape really make for a Star Wars tattoo that really pops. This one is sure to get comments from Star Wars fans, as well as those of the worldly, artsy Bunch.

Rosie dead Storm Trooper-Star Wars Tattoos



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