Second Hand Items You Should Not Buy

Tuesday, Mar 23, 2021, 12:54 pm
By:Tony Williams


Never buy a second hand toothbrush. First of all it could have belonged to a baby hippopotamus or other strange creature. Second hand toothbrushes are in high demand since they make great bathroom tile cleaners.

Toothbrushes-Second Hand Items You Should Not Buy

2.Engagement Rings

Many guys think buying big is buying better when it comes to engagement rings. Not so, particularly if it is second hand. It is said that all the negative vibrations from that relationship remain in the ring. Then again, what if it were a happy relationship? Not all rings come with their history unfortunately.

Engagement Rings-Second Hand Items You Should Not Buy


No matter how addicted to make-up you are, refrain from buying second hand lipsticks. Unless of course you do not mind a dose of the Herpes Simplex. You can even catch colds and other bacteria from second hand lipsticks. This only applies if the person is not famous, then you might not mind sharing their Herpes Simplex.

Lipsticks-Second Hand Items You Should Not Buy


4.Medical Devices

It is tempting with the rising cost of medical appliances, but do not buy a second hand Mirena. You have to also ask yourself if the seller is planning to do the insertion along with the sale price too.

Medical Devices-Second Hand Items You Should Not Buy


There are a lot of reasons not to buy a second hand lunch. First of all, there might be not that much food left on the plate to make it worth it. If you argue that you know the person so it is Okay, then rather dump that friend or lover for one that will buy you a full lunch.

Lunch-Second Hand Items You Should Not Buy


Avoid purchasing second hand beds. Beds are a little like historical markers in a persons life. Like the time they vomited in their sleep. Or, the time they had that little 'accident' when suffering gastric flu'. Be warned, it might seem like a bargain but you are better off without it.

Beds-Second Hand Items You Should Not Buy


Not all would agree, but buying second hand shoes is in poor taste and could jeopardize your health. All sorts of strange fungi and things remain in shoes long after purchase date.

Shoes-Second Hand Items You Should Not Buy


Never get into buying second hand glasses. They simply will not be useful to you. Unless of course your dog indicated he is going a bit blind. This is normally seen when they walk into doors and walls. Then again, they could actually be drunk so do check.

Glasses-Second Hand Items You Should Not Buy


Do not buy second hand underwear. Even if they look as good as they do on this guy. The only exception is that if the wearer was famous. Then you can auction them for a fortune.

Underwear-Second Hand Items You Should Not Buy


Buying second hand c0ndoms is a definite no no. Even if the punter is telling you the night was pretty unsuccessful, it is just not worth it.

c0ndoms-Second Hand Items You Should Not Buy


Avoid buying second hand dental floss. That would be just gross. It is hard to believe too, that some people even re-cycle their dental floss! Let's face it, once used it has all the 'yucky' you have been trying to get rid of in the first place. Surely they know that?

Floss-Second Hand Items You Should Not Buy


Never buy a second hand beer. The act would be totally pointless. Unless of course you are making a chandelier from second hand beer bottles.

Beer-Second Hand Items You Should Not Buy



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