Real Life People Who Have Become Dolls

Tuesday, Jul 21, 2020, 4:28 pm
By:Tony Williams

Have you ever played with dolls in your childhood? We all did, one of the best memories of childhood is playing with dolls. Be it action figures, Barbie dolls whatever. But for some people this has become their whole life. Yes, Here are 12 people who have become real life dolls.
10.Venus Angelic

This girl is actually British, but she has lived in Japan and that has clearly influenced her when it comes to looking like a doll. It is actually quite freaky to think that this is a girl and not something that is fake because the resemblance is really scary.

Venus Angelic-Real Life People Who Have Become Dolls
11.Vanilla Chamu

This woman has apparently spent more than $100k and had over 30 procedures to look like this and you have to question if it is wise or not. Yes she looks like a doll, but you have to question what was missing in her life to spend that amount of money.

Vanilla Chamu-Real Life People Who Have Become Dolls

12.Anzhelika Kenova

You would probably jump out of your skin if you saw this girl suddenly move because she looks just like a doll and you would have no idea she was actually real. How she manages to do her makeup is certainly going to be something that you would want to know.

Anzhelika Kenova-Real Life People Who Have Become Dolls