Pictures That Will Make You Pity This Generation

Thursday, Jun 25, 2020, 5:30 am
By:Mike Litzler

With no doubt this generation is smarter than us but this smartness and intelligence cannot replace the real joys and experiences of life. This generation is more tech friendly but that shouldn't destroy the activeness and creativity of our kids. I blame the parents who can't take time out of their busy schedules. Don't agree with me? Read on and comment your opinion…
1.Smart kids don't play with toys

Smart phones and digital devices have replaced stuff toys and playgrounds, a child now spends all his day sitting on a phone or computer and playing in the virtual world, He is more fascinated by the pictures and videos in a computer than the real beauty of nature and the joy of playing with toys.

Smart kids don't play with toys-Pictures That Will Make You Pity This Generation

2.Budding hackers

Of course, kids today are super genius when it comes to computers and smart phones, they can now hack into your online accounts within minutes but ask them to tie their shoe lace and all of a sudden they are helpless and need your assistance. 

Budding hackers-Pictures That Will Make You Pity This Generation


3.A picture sums it all

This one is self explanatory as to how we used to play and how this generation wants to play, I still remember looking up for the broken pieces of my toys and attaching them, All the Lego figures i had. Kids today too love playing with them but they prefer it on a digital device rather than a real toy.

A picture sums it all-Pictures That Will Make You Pity This Generation


4.What are books?

With kindle and ibooks all over the internet and smartphones kids today can't seem to figure out how to read books, All the schools are getting digitalize and they hardly see any real paper books today. No doubt a day will come when people have to go to museum to see how an actual book looks like, Oh wait! I don't think we will even have a real museum by then.

What are books?-Pictures That Will Make You Pity This Generation


5.Facebook for everyone

With everyone talking about facebook and walls, it's no brainer that your 5 year old kid won't be having a facebook account, There are millions of kids below the age of 13 on facebook and to make things worse some of the parents encourage their kids to have a facebook account and the rest whose parents discourage it, they create one without their parent's knowledge.

Facebook for everyone-Pictures That Will Make You Pity This Generation


6.Everyone's a blogger now

With the advent of technology and computers personal diaries have been replaced with digital diaries and blogs, Almost anyone with whatever age is allowed to write an online blog but this really useful to the kids who are supposed to play and discuss their problems with their parents rather than the virtual world out their which is filled with bullies and strangers?

Everyone's a blogger now-Pictures That Will Make You Pity This Generation


7.Technology separating us

I think this one is common for almost all of us, with social media and facebook everywhere we hardly speak now, We go to parties but with our phones in front of our eyes, We are replacing human communication with virtual conversations. 

Technology separating us-Pictures That Will Make You Pity This Generation



8.Don't try this at home

Haha, those were the real cartoons and Even though they were voilent sometimes we never thought for a second to replicate the same at home. I guess we were morally strong and more intellect than the present generation who need to be guided about everything wrong with this world.

Don't try this at home-Pictures That Will Make You Pity This Generation


9.Stupid Experiments

With the influence of internet and media, kids today come up with some really stupid experiments and with all the teenage pregnancies reported every single day we don't know where it will even lead. I mean com'on when i was a kid, the only experiment which seemed cool was mentos and coke.

Stupid Experiments-Pictures That Will Make You Pity This Generation



10.Wifi is all we need

OMG, I loved those whenever i went outside with my parents, my dad always used to buy me these but present generation kids won't let you have your food if there is no wifi available or mobile internet connection.  Time changes really fast i guess.

Wifi is all we need-Pictures That Will Make You Pity This Generation


11.Parent grounding then vs Now

I remember the days when my parents asked me turn off tv, complete my homework and no playing with friends but in present generation you can't make sure this all of this doesn't happen if you don't turn off the wifi and take your kid's phone and computer, xbox etc.

Parent grounding then vs Now-Pictures That Will Make You Pity This Generation


12.90s kid vs kids today

Remember the good old days when all you wanted after a daylong playing with your friends a small plastic ring or a YO-YO instead of an IPad, Iphone or a camera? But present generation kids don't seem to enjoy these small moments of happiness as you did, No matter how many electronic devices you buy them they are never happy with you as a parent.

90s kid vs kids today-Pictures That Will Make You Pity This Generation




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