People Who Were The Youngest Of Their Kind

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:08 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Youngest to be executed in US

Believe it or not, but a kid called George Junius Stinney, Jr was only 14 years old when he was executed in 1944. He apparently killed two young kids, but his trial was seriously flawed with no defense witnesses and ultimately a white jury tried and convicted him in less than 3 hours. He was killed by electric chair.

Youngest to be executed in US-People Who Were The Youngest Of Their Kind

2.Youngest to become President

This accolade goes to Theodore Roosevelt who was 42 years, 10 months and 18 days old and this is a surprise as people believe that JFK is actually the youngest. The truth of the matter is that Roosevelt was younger by around a year.

Youngest to become President-People Who Were The Youngest Of Their Kind

3.Youngest to win an Oscar

Tatum O'Neal was 10 years old when she won an oscar for best supporting actress in 1974 for her role in the movie Paper Moon. Shirley Temple actually won an honorary oscar when she was just 6 back in 1934, but considering she did not have to beat anybody else it is up to you as to which one you take to be the youngest.

Youngest to win an Oscar-People Who Were The Youngest Of Their Kind

4.Youngest grandmother

Quite worryingly this record goes to somebody called Rifca Stanescu who was only 23 when she became a grandmother. The worrying thing is that her grandson is apparently engaged to a neighbor even though he is just 2 and she is 8.

Youngest grandmother-People Who Were The Youngest Of Their Kind

5.Youngest to appear in the charts

Blue Ivy Carter manages to take this record because she is the child of Jay-Z and Beyonce and she appeared in the song Glory even though she was just a few days old. The song might have only got to number 74, but it still counts as a record.

Youngest to appear in the charts-People Who Were The Youngest Of Their Kind

6.Youngest to? become King or Queen

Mary Queen of Scots was only 6 days old when she became Queen of Scotland in 1542. She certainly had an eventful life leading to her having her head chopped off when her cousin Queen Elizabeth I got jealous of her and decided that enough was enough.

Youngest to? become King or Queen-People Who Were The Youngest Of Their Kind

7.Youngest to make a billion

This accolade goes to Dustin Moskovitz who owns a small share in Facebook. He was actually the roommate of Mark Zuckerberg and he became a billionaire when he was only 23 years old. At least he had no worries about his times as a student after that.

Youngest to make a billion-People Who Were The Youngest Of Their Kind

8.Youngest to graduate

Michael Kearney was only 10 when he graduated from college and he actually ended up doing it again before he was classed as being an adult. Since then he has appeared on a few game shows, but has perhaps not reached the heights that he hoped for.

Youngest to graduate-People Who Were The Youngest Of Their Kind

9.Youngest to give birth

Lina Medina from Peru was apparently just 5 years and 7 months old when she gave birth in 1939. They never worked out who the father was, but it is worrying that somebody as young as that was in a position to give birth in the first place.

Youngest to give birth-People Who Were The Youngest Of Their Kind

10.Youngest to win an Olympic medal

The youngest is supposed to be Marjorie Gestring who was just 13 years and 268 days old when she managed to win a gold medal for diving in 1936. It is perhaps a surprise that it was not for gymnastics, but it is still impressive to win something as prestigious as this at such a young age.

Youngest to win an Olympic medal-People Who Were The Youngest Of Their Kind

11.Youngest to sail around the world

Laura Dekker sailed single handed around the world when she was only 16 and that makes her the youngest to ever achieve this. She wanted to do it younger, but laws stopped her from doing so, but as soon as she turned 16 she was off on her travels.

Youngest to sail around the world-People Who Were The Youngest Of Their Kind

12.Youngest to climb Mt Everest

Jordan Romero was amazingly only 13 when he managed to climb Mt Everest and that is one seriously stunning achievement. Considering how many adults fail to do this it just shows that they have to be pretty special and it is no surprise that they have climbed a number of the other major peaks as well.

Youngest to climb Mt Everest-People Who Were The Youngest Of Their Kind



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