Neatest Countries In The World

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 7:56 pm
By:Tony Williams


Mauritius is like paradise, so it does make sense that the country does try to keep itself as neat and tidy as possible since it would go against the image they are trying to project. Could you imagine the beaches being covered in litter or things just being a mess? Would it not take the shine off the time you spent there if there was just chaos?

Mauritius-Neatest Countries In The World


Ireland is full of amazing scenery and very warm people, but at the same time it also just comes across as being very neat and tidy. Yes the people may know how to party and have a good time, but they also do not destroy the place either with Dublin being a prime example.

Ireland-Neatest Countries In The World


Croatia has come a long way since it broke away from the former Yugoslavia. It has a lot of natural beauty and they know that natural beauty has to be complimented by everything else being beautiful as well. This has led to people making sure that everything has its place with this being one of the main things that you will notice should you go there.

Croatia-Neatest Countries In The World

4.New Zealand

New Zealand is a cool country both in the way it looks as well as the people that live there. Law and order is seen as being very important and that becomes very apparent when you see how tidy everywhere is. This really is a country where everything is peaceful and well ordered, so it is pretty obvious as to why it is one of the neatest ones out there.

New Zealand-Neatest Countries In The World


It may be slightly surprising that one of the Baltic states will turn out to be one of the neatest in the world, but that is certainly the case with Estonia. There is no doubt that the country has come a long way since it broke away from the old Soviet Union, so if you expect grime, graffiti, and general mess you will be disappointed.

Estonia-Neatest Countries In The World


Oh look another Scandinavian country. Yes Iceland has to fight against volcanoes and natural spas, but when you actually get to the part where the population lives you are going to encounter order and everything just coming across as being in the correct place. There is an overwhelming feeling that if this was not the case that the population would go crazy, so perhaps it is an OCD country.

Iceland-Neatest Countries In The World


Japan is a cool country and one thing that they are very good at is managing to keep things in order. Everywhere is very well structured from the major cities to the countryside and when you consider the huge population that they have it is clear that this country is like a well oiled machine that has managed to prevent the place from slipping into chaos.

Japan-Neatest Countries In The World


There seems to be something about Scandinavia and being neat, so perhaps it is the Norse blood that does it because Norway is yet another area that is seen as being far too neat for its own good. You just never see anything that looks less than spotless, but then it is under snow for most of the winter, so maybe that helps to keep the streets nice and clean.

Norway-Neatest Countries In The World


Singapore is famous for being neat and there is no chance of you finding any litter on the ground or a piece of discarded chewing gum due to the strict penalties. If you thought that all of those stories of harsh punishments for a piece of litter being dropped were made up, then think again as it is all oh so very real.

Singapore-Neatest Countries In The World


This may surprise some people, but Canada is actually seen as being one of the neatest countries in the entire world, but then there are also vast areas of wilderness where nothing happens, so that will also help. However, things are very organized no matter where you are and there is a real sense of everything just having its place.

Canada-Neatest Countries In The World


The Swedes really do have an eye for detail when it comes to planning of cities, towns, and roads and you can spot this from the very minute you get there. It just becomes apparent that they love order and just take a trip to your local Ikea to see how well thought out that is and then translate it onto the entire country.

Sweden-Neatest Countries In The World


There is more to Switzerland than just the Alps, Toblerone, and Cuckoo Clocks because they are also exceptionally good at being neat. The entire country just always seems to be spotless and organized and in all honesty that could freak some people out.

Switzerland-Neatest Countries In The World



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