Most Luxurious Airlines

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 7:56 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Swiss Airlines

Luxury at it's best, Swiss Airlines has an outstanding reputation in the business. A unique feature that will have tech geeks clamouring for a glimpse, is the two onboard cameras that allow passengers to view what the pilot sees in front of the plane and below it. However, for those who prefer television, they got that covered too.

Swiss Airlines-Most Luxurious Airlines

2.Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines led the way for first class comfort in 1951, and never stopped. With their Skysleeper Solo, which is a leather sofa that can be used in either the sitting, or sleeping position. However, before setting off for some zzzz's, you may want to dine on their traditional Kyoto cuisine.

Japan Airlines-Most Luxurious Airlines

3.Air New Zealand

Named Air Transport World Airline of the Year in 2010, Air New Zealand is known for their luxury cabins that feature a 22 inch wide seat with a personal entertainment center, with exquisite dining on braised beef short ribs, seared snapper and passionfruit panna cotta. After a nice meal, and a night cap, the seat turns into a six foot bed.

Air New Zealand-Most Luxurious Airlines

4.Etihad Airlines

As a Diamond First Class ticket holder, you are treated to a personal cabin equipped with a 23 inch screen, a mini bar, and a massage chair. The national airline of the United Arab Emirates, this airline believes in comfort while they whisk their passengers to 68 destinations in 43 countries, world wide.

Etihad Airlines-Most Luxurious Airlines

5.Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific offers comfort for two. With their private sleepers in first class, you don't have to be lonely. They are big enough to fit your boyfriend, or a new friend you met on the plane. Just like at home, you can have guests over for a nightcap before retiring for the night, as you soar thirty thousand feet in the air.

Cathay Pacific-Most Luxurious Airlines

6.Jet Airways

Jet Airways Boeing 737 is one of the most luxurious aircrafts in the air. Their first class cabin has privacy, with sliding doors, a bed and personal lighting. You evne get your own air system and personal wardrobe. On long trips. it feels like you are in your own bedroom.

Jet Airways-Most Luxurious Airlines

7.Qantas Airlines

One of the oldest airlines in existence, Qantas Airlines began in 1920 in Queensland. Now the largest airline in Australia for international travel, as well as domestic travel, it is often called The Flying Kangaroo. First class accomodations offer extra wide sheepskin beds for the most comfortable flight across the world.

Qantas Airlines-Most Luxurious Airlines

8.Virgin Atlantic

When you fly Upper Class with Virgin Atlantic, you are pampered with comfy beds and a lounge. With the mood lit cabin, and the Snooze Zone, you can get a great night sleep, and wake up refreshed at your destination, as if you slept in your own bed the entire night.

Virgin Atlantic-Most Luxurious Airlines

9.Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 has suites that are bigger than a bedroom in New York City. With a 23 inch LCD television, premium skincare products, and a 35 inch wide seat by Italian Poltrona Frau, you can't get any better than that when your high in the sky.

Singapore Airlines-Most Luxurious Airlines

10.Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines began with only two planes in 1985, and now is considered one of the most luxurious airlines in the business. With privacy seating that includes beds, a countertop with alarm clock and lamp, television and dining table, it's like being at home thirty thousand feet in the air.

Emirates Airlines-Most Luxurious Airlines

11.Lufthansa Airlines

The Boeing 747 aircraft at Lufthansa Airlines is luxury with a capital "L." You not only get a seat, but you get a separate bed to retire to. No hassle with sliding the seat into a bed, it's right there for you when you're ready. After a nice meal, a movie or a book, your cozy bed takes you the rest of the journey.

Lufthansa Airlines-Most Luxurious Airlines

12.British Airways

British Airways offers first class cabins with seating that can be used for relaxation, work or sleep. With the ability to dine on your own schedule, watch videos on demand, and sleep fully reclined on a comfy bed, British Airways considers themselves the World's Favorite Airline. With their Rolls-Royce engines, that may actually be true.

British Airways-Most Luxurious Airlines



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