Most Inappropriate Store Names

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 7:13 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Mr. Cock Bebes

A kid's store named Mr. Cock? It seems to work for this business where Cock means rooster in the friendliest of ways. It's funny how language works and how a word in one language can be offensive in another. Even those using the same language in different countries apply different meanings, especially with slang.

Mr. Cock Bebes-Most Inappropriate Store Names

2.Facial Attraction

A great play on words that really works for this laser and skin clinic located in Australia. They are a full salon that offers therapeutic treatments for the skin on the face and body. A poplar salon for those who wish to look their best and who choose to take care of their skin.

Facial Attraction-Most Inappropriate Store Names

3.Skinny Dicks

Again with the dicks. Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn is located in Fairbanks, Alaska and is open year round. Known for their great hamburgers, the restaurant has been around forever. The last stop before Anchorage, travelers can stop for some curly fries and a burger with a beer. No matter how cold it is outside, they're always open.

Skinny Dicks-Most Inappropriate Store Names


Fourskin is a clothing store in Singapore, that actually makes clothing with it's name on it. Patrons are proud to wear it and have no inkling of the meaning to English speaking folks. Anyone from America gets a huge chuckle out of this store if they happen upon it in real life, or online.

Fourskin-Most Inappropriate Store Names

5.Mr. Piss

With several outlets in Indonesia, Mr. Piss is a popular franchise. A weird name that doesn't translate well to America, they are in the food industry mainly selling bananas. To us Mr. Piss can only mean one thing and it's not quite appetizing, but in Indonesia it means something entirely different.

Mr. Piss-Most Inappropriate Store Names

6.Crook's Furniture Store

Using their family name of Crook, the furniture store located in Liverpool, England. A somewhat strange name for any business that is trying to build trust and loyalty in a community, but it worked for them and their name is blazened on top of the now dilapidated building adjacent to the Traveler's Hotel.

Crook's Furniture Store-Most Inappropriate Store Names

7.Dick's Liquor

Another intentional name that seems to have paid off well. Dick's Liquor with the giant tongue is a landmark for many in San diego. It seems anyone with the name of Dick uses it to attract customers because they know that just the sound of it makes everyone giggle and want to check it out. And we all know happy people buy liquor.

Dick's Liquor-Most Inappropriate Store Names

8.SuckBang Blow

Ten miles south of South Myrtle Beach is the original SuckBang Low, which opened in 1996. What makes them unique is that motorcycles can ride right into the restaurant and straight up to the bar to order a cold one. Always filled with great looking girls, it's the place to be.

SuckBang Blow-Most Inappropriate Store Names

9.Doggy Style

This store was named this way on purpose and is a terrific play on words. Located in New York City, Doggy Style does pet grooming, but also sells pet products for your dog or cat. A very clever way to stand out from the crowd and make people chuckle when they walk in.

Doggy Style-Most Inappropriate Store Names

10.Master Bait & Tackle

Located in Bonita Beach, Florida, Master Bait and Tackle gets a lot of cheers and their share of jeers, due to their name. But the store is thriving with their inventory of fishing tackle, fishing rods and rigs, and fishing reels. Stocking name brands that sell, they are a favorite with residents from Naples and Ft. Meyers.

Master Bait & Tackle-Most Inappropriate Store Names

11.Shemale Hair Salon

We know what the owner was going for when they named this shop, but they didn't think of all options. They were intending to say that they do hair for both females and males, but the word shemale has a whole different meaning that probably makes some people laugh, and others very uncomfortable.

Shemale Hair Salon-Most Inappropriate Store Names


It's funny the way the English language works. Without a space between the words "Kids" and "Exchange," you get a whole new meaning, which we are pretty sure the store owner didn't intend. However, it still made it into the Top 300 Businesses in the South in 2011.

Kidsexchange-Most Inappropriate Store Names



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