Disney Characters In Punk Look

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 7:53 pm
By:Tony Williams


We are used to Alice from Alice in Wonderland being all nice and proper looking, but clearly times have changed. She has really gone mad for the tattoos and that must make for one amazing tea party.

Alice-Disney Characters In Punk Look


This is Wendy from Peter Pan and clearly she is just trying to keep up with Peter himself by going ahead and getting a few tattoos done. She actually looks like quite a tough chick now, but still goes together well with Peter.

Wendy-Disney Characters In Punk Look


Suddenly the ugly sisters would think twice about taking on Cinderella if she actually looked like this. She appears to have spent a fortune on tattoos, so maybe she sold the glass slippers in order to be able to afford it.

Cinderella-Disney Characters In Punk Look


Well Aladdin has changed a bit and in a strange way he kind of suit's the punk style although clearly it would look a bit strange in the movie. He would probably be quite a handful and certainly even cheekier than he already is.

Aladdin-Disney Characters In Punk Look


This is Jane as in Tarzan and Jane and this is certainly a different look from the one you would expect to see in the jungle. She looks like she could handle herself in difficult situations and Tarzan is probably quite scared of her as well.

Jane-Disney Characters In Punk Look


Pocahontas has always been seen as quite elegant, but that elegance has certainly vanished as soon as she turns into a punk. She seems to have gone for the big tattoos and strange hair color and what would her Native American Indian ancestors think?

Pocahontas-Disney Characters In Punk Look


We have always seen Rapunzel as being a sweet little girl, but these tattoos certainly show her in a different light. Instead, she now looks as if she knows how to party and really let her hair down and surely that goes against the Disney way of life?

Rapunzel-Disney Characters In Punk Look

8.Peter Pan

Suddenly Peter Pan has lost some of his innocence just by having some tattoos and a different outfit on. Now you probably have visions of him drinking alcohol and generally messing around rather than bothering about Never Never Land.

Peter Pan-Disney Characters In Punk Look

9.Snow White

Well this is certainly very different since Snow White appears to have arms covered in tattoos. If she is like this, then what would the rest of the characters be like and would it change it from being a kids movie into something a bit scarier?

Snow White-Disney Characters In Punk Look


If Geppetto looked like this, then there is a good chance that Pinocchio would also look completely different as well. It just looks very funny when the character is supposed to be this sweet old man and he has a Slipknot shirt on.

Geppetto-Disney Characters In Punk Look


That tattoo completely changes how Mulan looks, but in all honesty it is the nose and lip piercing that really shocks you. It is pretty clear as to why Disney does not tend to do this in their movies.

Mulan-Disney Characters In Punk Look


This is Ariel the mermaid in a punk style and you have to admit that she does look completely different. Gone is the innocent look and instead it has been replaced by this hardened exterior that means the movie would probably be a bit different as well.

Ariel-Disney Characters In Punk Look



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